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The Current Inside You

Isaac said –
We have constant energy running up and down this column of light along our spine.

This energy sustains us in much the same way that the Israelites were led through the desert by the pillar of fire by night, the pillar of cloud by day. Our teachers give us this metaphor of the current inside us, which sustains us.

Fire goes upward.
Water or cloud flows downward.

This current inside us does not alternate by night and day. Rather it cycles constantly.
Energy cycles vertically, up and down, around and around through your central column.
The more you give your attention to this, the more you can feel it.


The rabbis always speak of three worlds: the physical, astral, and causal. Above those is a realm that is not exactly a world. This is Atzilut, a field of huge potential, the plane of emanation, where the formless is ready to become form.

The first letter of the name of God, which is Yod, belongs to Atzilut. It looks like a comma up in the air. If you know your classic Torah style of Hebrew letters, you will remember a tiny staff at the top of Yod, and on top of the staff, a dot: this point represents the crown of the head.

This is the level of Chochmah, Wisdom. We tend to think of Wisdom as information, but that’s not the meaning here. This Wisdom creates worlds.


Our rabbis have said how wonderful it would be to stay in prayer all day long. They’re not talking about asking God for things all day. Some of us think that’s what prayer is about.

True prayer isn’t asking for things.

True prayer is resting in divine connection.

Staying connected. In nonstop awareness that Light is always flowing to all.

Rather than putting your attention outside of yourself – “I want this, I need that, please help my relationship” – instead place your attention within, on your connection with the Divine.

You can do this yourself, from within, not dependant on anything external.

You’re receiving everything, all energy, directly from your Source, through your own divine connection.

Then you’re not lacking anything.
You’re not asking or begging for anything from those around you.
You don’t need anything because you are constantly filled.
You carry all you ever need within yourself.
With this kind of connection, you go from begging to bestowing.

These paragraphs are excerpts from Volume 3, Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well
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Taste and See Volume Three

Thank you Rachel Neumann for this lovely guest post. The eBook is free Today (Nov. 8) – Enjoy 😉

A little information for potential readers:  Diane was a brilliant scribe for our amazing spiritual community that I belonged to for almost two decades. I mean how often do you merit to sit at the feet of a true teacher, a learned Rabbi, a sage, and a very cool musician?!

The lessons on peaceful personhood and wisdom still guide me and will stay with me for a lifetime. Living with the “Art of all is Well” will help readers to “shrink that inner judge” and that always helps to bring health and wellbeing into focus!

Sometimes it takes more in life than going from one experience to another, hoping to find peace and equanimity.
It takes conscious awareness, knowing yourself, and living in non judgment.

I am so grateful to be able to “relive” the wonderful memories of our sweet spiritual family with the stories and lessons in this special series of books.
I recommend that you just follow the link and check it out for yourself.
– Rachel Neumann

Walking the Bridge, Vol. 3 – The Art of All-Is-Well

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Want to go where nothing is wrong?

Want to let go of aggravation?

Want a little comfort and joy?

Slip into the pages of this book, where All Is Well.


Walking the Bridge, Vol. 3 – The Art of All-Is-Well

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Unshaken Amidst the Crash of Breaking Worlds

Book 3 has arrived! (And later this week, the print version!) Enjoy 😉

Did you get to see the “Isaac books” yet?front cover Check out book 3 –
Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well.

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Here is an excerpt of Isaac talking in Chapter 22:

One swami’s students asked him, “Tell us your experience of when you reached enlightenment.”
He said, “First of all, it’s a place without words, and you’re asking me to supply words. But I will say it’s a place where Nothing is wrong anymore.”

This may be the best and shortest description I’ve ever heard.
Nothing is wrong anymore.

This awareness that nothing is wrong will grow according to how much you learn to accept and accommodate.
Even the highest yogi, while he may appear calm, may feel distress or excitement about something.
No matter how calm he seems, he is still a relative self in this world.
He is not changeless in this world.
The most he can do, or any of us can do, is to keep practicing more acceptance and accommodation.

For myself, I notice that as I age, when I am presented with praise or blame, I take it less personally than when I was younger. I am given praise or blame, and I still say, “thanks” or “get lost” according to the situation. But underneath everything, I feel less pulled by either experience.

As Yogananda liked to say, the truly wise can “Stand unshaken amidst the crash of breaking worlds.”
Imagine: the crash of breaking worlds.
That’s a tall order.
Yet each of us can face our own upsets with more accommodation.

We are a relative self, learning to accommodate more.

We are also a Changeless self.

We are both the changing and the changeless.

Our Sages tell us our Changeless self is “nearer than the near.”


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See also Volume 1 and Volume 2, and for a taste of both go to

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Eyes of the Soul, Soft Seeing Meditation

All senses arise in the “dark theater” of the brain. We may think our senses give us objective information, but they arise in the brain. Our senses are subjective. They are colored by our personal past, our attitudes, our expectations and more. Everything “exterior” is a reflection of our interior.

Let’s consider two different ways of using our eyes.

Many animals look out to the sides. Their eyes are placed wide apart so they can see their surroundings, be alert and watch for predators. Most birds have eyes on either side like this. But a bird of prey, an eagle or a falcon, has eyes in front closer together. They need to zero in and focus on the prey to capture it.

We humans have the ability to use focused vision or peripheral vision.

Many of us stay with focused vision all the time. We look straight to our goal, our priority. And that’s fine. It works.

Focused eyes are like predator eyes, looking for something specific.

Unfocused soft eyes are the eyes of the Soul.

Relax your eyes. For this moment look upon your field of vision with a soft gaze. This field includes whatever is in front of you and to the sides, all your peripheral vision. Allow all of this to enter your view.

Feel that everything you look upon is simply part of the scene. No one thing is more important than any other thing. Hold no preferences. Keep the eyes as still as possible. Keep them relaxed, but still.

This is “soft-seeing” or “soft gaze.” Give no particular attention to anything. Don’t engage in any story about any of it. Allow all of it to be as it is.

Our teachers call this practice “Histaklut.” It can uplift us to higher mind, higher frequency. Usually it is done with the eyes.

You can also try it with your ears, your sense of sound. Allow yourself to hear all sounds around you and within you. No attachment to any of it, just gently hear all of it.

Try “soft-seeing” as a meditation for an hour. See what happens.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 17 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance   -Guidance from a Wisdom School.
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Handling a Trigger

When we are faced with a trigger, we can flare up into our usual story about it, or we can make a higher choice.

It’s so easy for us to go into our old story, simply because of habit. This is the way we always react, so we do it again. And part of it is our rationalizing, telling ourselves we are right, this is only fair, this person needs to hear this from me.

Or – taking an extra-deep breath – we can go into Chesed, into love. We can realize there is nothing wrong here.

Our belief in our own lack is what shuts us down and pulls us away from God. There are so many ways we feel we are not enough. We fail at this or that, or we lack the character, the skills, the aspects we really wish we had. We think we have all these holes in ourselves.

When somebody falls in love, their empty holes begin to fill in. Their places of lack are filled. That’s why they feel so good, so complete, so euphoric. Love heals all their lack.

The ocean of divine flow, when we get a drop of it, we call it love. It’s indescribable, really, but we know it as love. It puts us in a place where we are complete. We are lacking nothing.

When we are lost in our story, a friend might support us by listening and agreeing that we have it tough, commiserating with us. But a better friend says, “Quit telling your story.” Because that friend knows you are so much more than your story. That friend sees you in your completeness, and you are beautiful, and you don’t even need that story.

The prayer “Elohai neshama sh’natata bi tehorah hi” – says, “The soul You placed in me is pure.” The soul is always with God. It exists in completeness with God. This is a foundational understanding. It is so important to get this:

We are whole and complete just as we are.

We do not lack anything at any time, no matter what seems to be going on here.


(These are Isaac’s words from chapter 34 of  Volume 1 Walking the Bridge: with a Fearless Heart)
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