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Me and Not Me, World Made of Wisdom, Light within Dark

Question: The more I meditate, the more I enjoy it. In fact everything else pales in comparison. I’d rather come to meditation group than go to the movies with family and friends. They see that I no longer enjoy the things they enjoy, and there’s discomfort in that.

Look, said Isaac. You have a table filled with marbles. You consider that some marbles are yours. Those other marbles are not yours. You have a band to go around your own marbles. A boundary.

You consider these marbles to be yourself. This is me.
Those out there – all that stuff is not me. I have my own bundle of marbles.

But the further we evolve, the more we realize that this odd marble is also me. And so is the next one. We expand our borders. We stretch and expand the band around the marbles until we contain them all.

I am not only myself.
I discover I am you.
I am the tree.
I am the wind.

The Torah tells us, “God made everything with wisdom.” This is read in two ways. Not only did God use His wisdom to create the world, but the world is literally composed of the substance of wisdom, Chochmah.

Even the densest physical things have the attribute of wisdom in them. It’s what they are made of. Some are more covered up than others. When we have the eyes to see it, to uncover it, we find wisdom in everything. God in everything. Nothing is boring. Nothing is less desirable than anything else.

The expansion of wisdom is the whole point of this world’s existence.
This is the ground from which all being arises.
Each and every thing is made of wisdom.

The wisdom is revealed when all the pieces of the puzzle are put together and you have a picture you didn’t have before. Every bit of it plays its part.

Question: I can envelop lots of things, but I can’t find a place in my heart for war. What do we do with the really horrible stuff?

Isaac held up his hand like a claw and said sometimes a puzzle piece is extremely dense and has very hard edges. Its boundaries are extremely tight. It knows what it is, and it is not like anything else. When a piece is like this, it is more ego-bound than anything else.

When I believe I am my own shape, I am deepest into my ego.
I know where my edge is, and I stop there. I refuse to merge.

But when the hard-edged puzzle piece is put into the whole puzzle and finds its unique spot, its edges disappear. You no longer see the borders of each piece. You see the beautiful picture they all make together.

Sometimes you’ll see God revealed in places we consider too negative.
There are moments of light and kindness even on a battlefield.
The Sages say the highest light is actually hidden in the deepest matter.
The most dense dark aspects of our world actually hold the most light, if we could uncover them.

(This is an excerpt from Chapter 3 of Walking the Bridge, Vol 1.)


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Wing Nut Whispers

The world is our mirror, even when we’re down in the dumps. (This post shared from Joystream Health.)

Has the Universe been talking to you?  When we’re feeling good, things fall into place with surprises and good timing.  We feel guided to leave the house at a moment when the route is clear, and afterward the road gets blocked.  By the time we return, the blockage is clearing.
We all have days when our life is charmed, the Universe provides.  We fly in light and love.  We know, in our bones, gratitude is the path to joy.  And it’s all so easy, when the Universe says, here’s a gift, here’s a gift, here’s another.  Our inner reply is all Thank You, Thank You.
We are living in a sweet dream.  Abundance, ease, flow!

But when we’re feeling bad?  When we’re in the ditch, tense with worry, our mind extrapolates our fears.  Awful stuff arises in our head.  Awful stuff balloons up in front of us.  The monsters puff up, and we can’t see our way past them.
We can’t find the door to happiness.  We forget how gratitude can release us.
‘There’s nothing to be grateful for, anyhow,’ we say, ‘this stinks.’
inception mirrors the dream is realWe feel the Universe has abandoned us.  Left us to sink.
Are we still living in a dream?  You bet.  It’s a world of mirrors, sending us whatever vibration we hold.

It’s not easy to shift ourselves when everything looks dim.  We forget we can choose where to place our attention.

Thankfully, once in awhile, the Universe throws us a line . . .
One season when I was deep in the muck, feeling so bereft, I received such a life line.
At that time someone I loved more than life itself slipped into a mysterious sickness that looked hopeless and possibly fatal.   Doctors couldn’t crack it.
I prayed continuously, especially in my car as I drove back and forth to visit and help each day.  The Universe stroked us a little, but mostly monsters hit us with hammers every time we had space to breathe.  Hopes arose, then crumbled under more complications.

Weeks into this nightmare, on a day when hope glimmered, I was driving along praying.  I asked aloud, “Can everything be all right again?  Can it please be all right?”
A car loomed in front of me with a license plate whispering, ALRIGHT.
My heart tilted.  I breathed.
A day or two later I was weak and doubtful, not up for the challenge.  “It’s tough to keep fighting this situation,” I moaned.  At the stoplight the license plate said, MARINE 1.

Again that week, feeling dark, arguing with my partner, seeing him as all wrong, I ranted against him in my head.  I was promptly corrected by another plate:  EQL2U.
On another drive, exhausted, I saw a mental image of shriveled fruit, all used up.  I knew I was pushing myself too much.  Upon that thought, a car bumper offered:  RLNTLSS.
Oh, am I relentless?  Like maybe I should stop trying to control every detail?  Let go and Let God, as we say?  I dunno.  I want some reassurance.  (This, yet, despite Messages.)licence plates west

It was a long haul, that season.  But hope kept resurrecting.  We had to persist, what else could we do?  I did feel the Universe heard me and stood by me, even in the dark.
Intellectually I knew (but forgot) the road to lightness is appreciation for the good things in our lives.  But I could not see it.  When you’re in the ditch, you can’t see anything.  My heart didn’t want to speak gratitude.  My tongue could barely move in that direction.

Pain, I thought as I drove.  We must be learning from our pain.
A car swooped by, its plate trailing: EAGLETS.
So I saw us as fragile babies in a nest.  But there was a Nest, anyhow.  And if we are eaglets, does it mean we will become strong?
I shook my head at myself, at the way I saw messages.  Maybe I inferred all these things.  Did I?  Was the whole thing a fluke?
I changed lanes and glanced to my left, where a license plate glinted, ABCDE.
I grinned.  ‘So You have the alphabet at Your disposal to talk to me, or what?’
Maybe I am crazy, I thought.  I keep seeing Angel notes from passing cars.
The very next plate shined:  WNG NUT.eaglets trio

. . .

(Just so we’re clear, this is non-fiction.  And we are eaglets, all around the world.   I would love to hear how the Universe talks to you, if you’d like to comment.)

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Find God in the Ordinary


This world around us is not what it seems.
We so easily take it for granted that life is this way, or that way.
We assume it’s all predictable, that’s just the way it is.
We think God created the world eons ago, and here it is, static.

No. It is not static.
God creates the world new each moment.
God is gazing upon us. God is infusing everything.
There’s a constant unfolding, a constant conversation here. It arises fresh and new each moment.

To move into joy, we need to see creation as an expression of God in the moment. See all the ordinary things as coming to us from God.

We like to look for the extraordinary and say God is there. An amazing sunset. A newborn baby. A close shave on the highway when we didn’t crash. A remarkable synchronicity that resonates as a divine message to us.
Those moments help us see that this is a dream world. Something uncanny, inexplicable, extraordinary, pops up. Synchronicities, we call them. When synchronicity hits, we can clearly see what a dream this world is.
Divine intervention does happen, in ways large and small. Those are astonishing moments that wake us up within this dream.

Yet. We should learn to see God even in the ordinary.
In fact nothing is ordinary. There is no ordinary moment.
When we feel everything is ordinary and dull, we are asleep to the larger reality.

The small you isn’t “you,” because a huge part of you exists on the divine plane.
The larger part of you looks upon the small you and loves it.
The larger part of you is always at peace, always fully satisfied, always loving everything.

In the expanded place after your meditation, can you take a look and love every part of yourself? Love your surroundings?

Can you love the ordinary moment and see it as God?
When you recognize God right here without any extraordinary influence, then you’re truly learning.

These are Isaac’s words, an excerpt from Walking the Bridge vol.1, Chapter 6. Click below.

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Prism of White Light into Colors

Isaac said, “The mind is like a prism.”
White light goes into the prism and is divided into many colors. The mind, the prism, separates and defines whatever it looks upon. It applies limits. Here’s this particular color, it says. Different and separate from that particular color.

The world of no-mind is different than our ordinary world. It is vast, unlimited, undefined. It can’t be understood by the mind.

The mind speaks only in color-language about specific colors.

Yet all colors come from the white light. The white light creates the colors.

So we live in a rainbow world that has limitations, compared to its unbounded origin in white light. The rainbow world gives rise to efforting. We might say, I have too much blue, I need more red. We struggle to get what we want. We overdo it and try to correct back to our first color. We try to keep one foot in each color.

But if we invite white light, the Divine, into our life, then our needs are filled and all colors automatically flow in wherever they belong. The best healing takes place this way. Our small mind doesn’t know exactly what we need. We cannot fathom the Big Picture.

Many holy rebbes had the experience that when a person approached on the road for a consultation, that person’s higher soul would go ahead of their body to have the first conversation with the rebbe, to clarify the root problem.
When the person arrived at the door and started talking in circles, “I want this to happen and then this,” the rebbe already knew and had prayed for the deeper issue. He would suggest an odd remedy that was beyond that person’s understanding.

The greatest blessing of all is the blessing for peace. Instead of asking for health, money, and all the things we think we need, peace fulfills us completely. It’s like white light. If we have peace, we have everything.

Peace means we have reached our destination. In a position of peace, we have no more desire or fear.

Peace is timeless. It is only right now.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 of Walking the Bridge.
Wishing you inspiration!
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A Surprised Swami / The Path is Your Own

Swami Rama went to learn from a sage. As soon as he met him, the sage announced Swami Rama had come too late. He wouldn’t be able to teach him, because he was due to die the next day. Sure enough, the sage died as predicted.

Swami Rama stayed on a little longer. He looked on as different religious groups came forth to claim the sage’s body and honor it with their most sacred burial.
The Christians arrived to take his body.
Just then the Moslems showed up and claimed their right to him.
The Hindus asserted that they had precedence.
Representatives of all three sects stood over his body, their argument heating up until they were shouting at each other.

Suddenly the sage woke up and said, “Enough!”

It’s a lesson to remind us no religion is greater than any other, said Isaac.
Every sect puts together their unique formula and claims it’s the best way to find the Divine. They’re eager to proselytize. They welcome you in and give you good news for your soul. Provided you follow their rules.
But the entry into most religions is a one-way door. They want to invite you in, but they don’t want to let you go out. It’s a sticky situation. They need you more than you need them, in some cases.

At the beginning of the spiritual journey, many of us need doctrine, dogma, rules to help us on our path. But eventually the path becomes less rigid.

Anybody looking for Divine connection can find it. Unlimited by dogma.
In fact all roads, no matter how winding, lead us Home.
Each of us, someday, no matter how much we get sidetracked, no matter how many wrong turns we take in how many lives, will eventually find our way back to God.

Patience. We learn patience through the eons.

Little by little we may let go of the ego.

How much can you surrender?

This is an excerpt from Chapter 23 of Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 

See also Swami Rama’s Himalayan Institute . Thanks to wikimedia for his photo.
Swami Rama wikimedia

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Meditation – Sit Joyfully Beside a Stream

Meditation is like sitting joyfully beside a stream, just letting it flow.
You don’t scoop up a bucket of that water to keep it.
It is flowing, and you get to be with it.

You cannot hold onto it.
It pours. Crystal clear water. It is Light.

You are made of it.

You are made of this Light.
You cannot contain or manipulate it.
It is what you are made of.

In meditation we allow everything to be as it is.
We’re not trying to stop thoughts.
We’re not efforting and grunting like a little kid, trying to prevent every thought from emerging. No.

Rather we are allowing sensations and thoughts to pour through and go downstream.

We are removed from stories.

We simply let the senses arise without a story.

Go to the basic sensations of seeing, hearing, feeling.
Notice each in turn and allow each sensation to just be.
I see what I see, in my mind’s eye. Let it be. No story about it.

I hear what I hear. It wafts in and out.
I feel what I feel. This arises and falls away.

Your inner Witness lives in the Light and watches the senses do their thing.

Meditation simplified is:  just Let Go.

Let things be as they are.

You brought your character here today, you sat it down.
That was your job.
Then you left it sitting beside the stream.
You let go and float.


(My teacher Isaac provided these words to me, or something like them, years ago. See more meditations in Walking the Bridge vol 1)
(Thanks to Pexels for this river pic.)
yellowstone-national-park-sunset-river by pexels

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Wisdom, Life Energy, Infuses You Like Everlasting Light

Something for this season of comfort and joy:
Hanukkah, Chochmah, Wisdom
from the teacher – chapter 75 of “Walking the Bridge – with a Fearless Heart

When God creates worlds, He uses Chochmah, which means wisdom. Not the wisdom we think of as being smart or wise. Rather, Chochmah is the very ocean of life force in all the worlds. Everything in every world draws life from Chochmah.

Chochmah is hidden, yet it’s right here everywhere. Life Energy.

When the attribute of Chochmah, Wisdom, is awakened in a person, there is such an infusion of life force, it is as if the person gets their first taste of life itself. Before this they were living along, managing okay. When Wisdom is concealed you draw only a drop of it at a time, and you get along. Yet when you receive the gift of Wisdom, it’s like your first taste of real life. When true Wisdom dawns, a person is absolutely filled with life.

In the Torah olive oil represents Wisdom. Wherever you read “olive oil” you may substitute “Wisdom” (life force) for the deeper meaning of the stories.

As we know, the story of Hanukkah tells us there was only enough oil to burn for one day in the Temple. The Maccabees had been attacked by an army of forty thousand, yet three hundred priests managed to win the war. They reclaimed the Temple in Jerusalem and prepared to rededicate it, lighting a new Menorah. They found only one small cruse of oil still sealed and stamped by the high priest. Yet this oil lasted eight days, a miracle celebrated ever after.

For the eight days of Hanukkah we increase the candles, increase the oil, every day. Or you could say we are becoming more alive with wisdom each passing day.

It’s a miracle that we humans can be filled with wisdom as if we’ve never tasted life before.
Here it is. Taste it.

You know how a key has little prongs, little bumps on it, to help it work?
Well, there are two prongs on the key to the reservoir of Wisdom. When you have activated these two beliefs, then Wisdom will be drawn to you.

First – before God there is no good or evil. All is good.
Or, as we often say, “Gam zu l’ tovah – This Too is for the Good.” Even what seems bad and difficult in our lives ultimately leads to good in some way. The ability to hold this belief is based on faith, not on fact. It takes faith to “see” the wisdom that is hidden from us. As King David said, “Taste and see that God is good.”

Secondly – all events happen by Divine providence. Nothing is random. If we call something a random event, it only means we haven’t the wisdom and the broad perspective to see the hand of the Divine in it. When we fully understand this precept, we know that nothing is wrong. Nothing is ever wrong.

If you adopt these double-prong beliefs, the next thing is, you will uncover your own collection of complaints, anger, vengeance, grief. You will see all the places in your life where “I don’t believe there was any participation of God in this.”
You will have lots of material to work through.

Eventually the double-prong approach changes the way you see the world. Things you used to get angry about don’t touch you with anger anymore.

Olive oil – Chochmah – pours down, anointing the practitioners of these two understandings. Chochmah anoints you the same way kings were anointed with oil, because they needed wisdom to lead the nation.

Wisdom, when it pours upon us like olive oil, shows us first-hand that prayer is real. Prayer is real connection. In fact the word for prayer, “t’feela,” means connection.

Oil, Chochmah, pours down and makes radical shifts from darkness to light. Miraculous things happen. Unexpected gifts drop into our lives, outside of regular cause and effect, outside the laws of Nature. Just like the way three hundred priests held off a whole army.

Almost more than the historical miracle, Hanukkah shows us the Hope we can have. This hope is worthy of celebration.
When we care for each other with no personal expectations, Hope is rekindled.

Hanukkah candles in color