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Collective Soul Angel and Community Consciousness

Here Isaac speaks of group meditation. If you don’t have a group, I invite you to join in each day (or any day) at noon Arizona time, when a group of us meditate 10 minutes for world peace and healing “together” in the ethers. You might feel the group energy when you tune in.

Often in a group meditation we go deeply together.
As you reach toward your higher self, a vision of yourself unfolds, such that the walls between individuals become hazy.
That is to say, the spirit that lives in each person starts to merge with those around them.
We become a collective being of many cells.

This was always the reason that people came together to learn in public. Because of course you can learn by yourself. But it’s higher learning when you enter into a collective being.

In such a collective each one plays the role of the cell.
They’re humble enough to not inflate their own importance.

Rather they want to be just a piece of the greater being. Without making others into objects. They recognize the others as vital cells in the same larger entity.

This experience brings what the early sages called “ever-increasing revelations of consciousness.”

What you can do with your friends together, with humility, is far beyond what the individual does. It is world-changing.

This higher expansion works even if there are just two people. Even when two people are together in that special bond. That’s one of the reasons why marriage is considered holy.
In that bond it is possible to draw a higher level of consciousness.
The union of people.

But the prerequisite is that you’re not looking at each other as objects.
In a marriage it’s easy to look at another as an object because they are the object of your desire, the object of your high opinion of yourself. You need them for approval. You need them to serve you. You can make them into an object.

Whereas in a true relationship, the relationship is based on giving to the other.
Not using them but giving to them.
When you give to them, the fields blend.
And a new collective entity is born.

The sages of old called this an angel.
They said that an angel is born for every true relationship.
This angel is the angel of the collective entity. It’s not the angel of one or the other, but of both.

Or in our case, with group meditation, it’s an angel of the multiples of us who merge together in a consciousness of cooperation, of peace and mutual respect. This creates a gigantic angel. An angel that is multi-dimensional and has sway in worlds above and in this world as well.

Individually none of us do that much.
But collectively there is a great good that comes through the collective consciousness.
And I’m grateful to play a single part in that larger being.

Excerpted from Chapter 15 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

angel decending arbyreed flickr

(Thanks to arbyreed on flickr for this Angel Decending [sic])


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