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Your Wisdom in the Energy Centers of the Body – Chakras

Isaac said –

… consider the subtle energy centers of our body. Many traditions around the world speak about these energy centers. In our Kabbalah tradition, the sefirot (divine attributes) channel divine energy, creative life force.

This concept may be easiest to convey using the system of our Eastern brothers, which is the chakra system, a ladder of energy centers, if you will.

The chakras are energy wheels or discs located up the core vertically, aligned with the spine. Each one is not only a vortex of energy, but it has a consciousness all its own.

The first chakra, at the base of our spine, is focused on survival. As soon as we get to the planet we desire to survive here. In our first chakra we desire not only health and wellbeing, but also prosperity and abundance. Do we have enough money? Do we have a home and food on the table?

If you inhabit a body, these are primary things you need and desire. Before you can take life any further, you need this kind of stability.

Second chakra, a little further up the ladder in the low belly, is mostly about pleasure. The pleasures of the senses in all areas of life. We want life to feel good. We want to explore the whole range of our sensual nature. Nothing wrong with that. We look for and fulfill sensual pleasures. This desire is built into second chakra.
You’ll notice that when a person stays focused on such pleasures, eventually they run dry.
This is only natural, and it allows us to release the importance of pleasures in our life.

We turn our attention to a new desire, further up the ladder.

Third chakra, in the upper abdomen, is about our power in the world. Are we important enough? Do we have any status? Do we wield some power? Can we compete with others, get ourselves higher than others? Can we be in charge? Sometimes this is the area where anger arises. Vengeance comes up.
Personal power is the focus of this chakra, and we are learning through it.
Our desire is to have power and lots of it. But eventually we will get tired of power.

As you can see, the first, second, and third chakras relate to our material world and to ourselves as individuals.

Fourth chakra, the heart, is where we begin to value others. We begin to connect with our heart to other people. The focus here is friendship. Community.
Who am I in community? How do I connect with and care for other people?
My awareness here has opened beyond myself. I want to join others in friendship.

Fifth chakra, at the throat, is about communication and creativity. I am expressing my authentic self to others and receiving them as they are. I engage in creativity, creating and sharing. Not only art in its many forms, but also I am creating ideas, skills, events, and more to share with others. I am contributing my creativity to the community.

Sixth chakra, at the head (“third eye” in the center of the forehead), is about insight, vision, and wisdom. Here we begin to know that we are all One.

There are many of us, yet we are One.

Seventh chakra, the crown at the top of the head, is a place of Divine Union.
Here there are no words, really, because words are personal, and this place is not personal.
Here we are in Union with All.

As we grow through our life, through many lives, we gradually release our attachment to the priorities of each chakra.
Led by our natural desires, we go up the ladder into ever greater joy and truth.
Truth, because we gradually see the illusion built into each chakra consciousness.
We gain more understanding, broad view, and wisdom.

Each chakra serves us well, but going up the ladder is the natural progression of joy.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 6 of Volume 5, Walking the Bridge: to Freedom and Light

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