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Through Gratitude, Blessings Pour Upon Us, for Hanukkah or Anytime

Isaac said, Hanukkah is a time of blessings.

Hanukkah is a celebration of the vast abundance of Uncreated Light that pours Itself into all manner of blessings for us.

We all know the story behind Hanukkah, how a handful of holy men withstood an army of soldiers. The odds were overwhelming. It was practically a sure thing they would lose. You could bet on it.

This tiny group of people were so low, you could hardly even call them the underdog. You’d just call them the dog. Yet they came out victorious. God’s light brought them through. Then the single vial of holy oil for the lamps surprisingly lasted eight days, to rededicate the temple.

They were beyond grateful. They were deeply blessed.

Uncreated Light pours into whatever blessing is needed, at any time.

Your needs change over time. What you need now is not what you needed a few years ago. God knows this. His Light comes in and takes on the form of whatever is needed right now.

Gratitude is the key to reveal blessings. Before any blessing can flow, you need to be grateful for what you do have, for the good parts of your life. Even in difficulty.

We all have difficulties. But find something, anything, to be grateful for right now. Even a very small thing. Give it your attention and your gratitude. This will open the door to receiving blessings.

The flames of the Hanukkah candles reveal Uncreated Light to us. Let the light from the candles go into your eyes, into your brain, and right down into your heart. There the door will open.

This piece was previously posted in 2018.
It is an excerpt from Chapter 36 of Volume 2, 
Walking the Bridge – With Balance   -Guidance from a Wisdom School.
(Tonight, Dec 20, 2022 the third candle is lit.)

Hanukkah candles revised


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