I wish I could post a big picture of the whole community who gave rise to these books. But alas, they are anonymous, and none more so than our teacher, Isaac. He kept saying he wasn’t a teacher. He was only pointing out what we already knew in our bones, in our spirit.

I can tell you, this material absolutely brought clarity, stability, and inner joy to my life. I started listening to these teachings in 2003. They have been a good anchor for me in uncertain times. Meditation practice has been a godsend. Now I teach and share meditation with others.

Life naturally brings challenges, lessons for us. We may think we finished a lesson, but it pops up again. Another layer of the onion is peeled, and we find a deeper way to unpack that issue.
Journalling is helpful.
Diane Stallings b w 500dpiJournalling is my lifelong habit, and it worked well when I listened to Isaac. His concepts baffled, bewildered, and broadened my mind.
He spoke to the heart, to the soul.
I needed to unfold his words on the page to more fully absorb them.
Before I knew it, my friends asked me to email my notes to them, now and then. And weekly. For some years. Thus this book was born.

May it bring you at least a fraction of the deep comfort it has brought me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings about walking your bridge, your path. Maybe it feels like you’re down in the basement this week. Or maybe you’re flying high, close to the penthouse, where synchronicities and God-winks happen.

Please send your comment through the Contact page and let me know if you’d like to share it on this blog (with your name, or initials, or anonymous).

Many Thanks,



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