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Let There Be Light and Consciousness from One Level of Soul to the Next

Isaac said,

If we had a goal, it would be to bring the unconscious to light, bring it to consciousness. The reason Shabbos and all Jewish holidays begin at nightfall is because we are bringing light into our darkness. Bringing more awareness.

When God said, “Let there be light,” it meant “Let there be consciousness.”

Question: If our progress in this life depends on becoming aware of our unconscious limitations, is this also true of the beings in other realms?

Yes, Isaac replied. In all worlds, all realms, the challenge is to become more and more conscious. Imagine three bottles of increasing size, and they are one inside the other, each with its own cork. Each contains seawater as well as its smaller bottle.

The smallest bottle is our physical existence. When we finish this existence, and the small bottle breaks, we are released into a larger space. We have an experience of expansion into more seawater. It feels liberating. We gain a wider perspective in the astral plane. Yet eventually we find we are limited by the next larger bottle.

All beings want to and need to increase awareness, in order to go beyond all the bottles. By the time we break all the bottles, we re-join the Unity of the Ocean. We melt into It, and we’re overjoyed to do so.

Watch and listen to your dreams. Dreams are often the best tool to uncover the unconscious. You might like to jot down a few descriptive words the moment you awaken, to strengthen your remembrance.

Question: Please explain more about the levels of the soul, of increasing consciousness. Are they like the bottles?

Yes, the levels of the soul are the Nefesh, the Ruach, the Neshama, the Chaya, and finally the Yehidah. Only the Yehidah is complete Union.

Among the many names for God, Elokim is the One who forms all things in the world of duality. This is a subject-object world, where the subject is your inner witness, looking at the objects.

Havayah is the name of God that means Unity, and God alone.

These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 62 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.

bottle maybe

awareness, consciousness, inspiration, spiritual book, spirituality, Walking The Bridge books

Have You Noticed the World is Your Awesome Mirror?

Isaac said,

Consider the world is a mirror to you. We have spoken before about this mirror.

Whatever is within you is on display outside of you. For instance, when you’re angry, the outer world gives you more of that vibration, and things are tough. When you’re lighthearted, the world reflects the same back to you. The world smiles with you.

Each of us lives in a mirror world.
Do you feel alone when you look into a mirror?

Dogs would not feel alone. They would bark at “that other dog.” That other form.
But you know that person in the mirror is you.

You’re alone. Just you there. Both forms are you.

It’s tricky to remember this mirror display, because the physical world gives you a delayed response. For instance you grumble when you wake up, dragging your feet on today’s task. Then an hour later in the slow traffic jam you get a flat tire. Both the traffic and the tire match up with your dragging vibration. But you may not see the connection.

The inner gives rise to the outer with a delayed response.

Imagine you’re standing in front of that mirror again. You comb your hair.
Ten minutes later your image combs its hair.
Suddenly you say, “Hey there!” You think it’s not you, it must be somebody different.

This is the illusion we fall under, in this world of delayed response.

Virtually all of us experience the delayed mirror effect. Whatever we set into motion takes a while to happen. This makes it easier for us to believe in separation.

Our default is to think nothing is connected to anything else.
We think everyone and everything is different.
None of that is “us.”

We each feel unique in our particular form.

For a tzaddik (holy person), the mirror is quite fast, almost instantaneous. Whatever he (she) does in the mirror happens right away, so he recognizes it as himself, not as anybody else.
He clearly sees his own projections.

Eventually it becomes obvious that everything is you. You are one with it all.

One, and alone.

The tzaddik with the fast mirror is almost ready to dissolve the personal self.

It’s not like you lose the personal self entirely.
Rather, your awareness rests in the reality that you are One, Alone, yet you are also a specific person with a form.

Your awareness includes both, if you are so blessed to reach that broad view.

This teaching from Isaac is excerpted from Chapter 3 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

(Thanks to Wikimedia Commons for this self-reflecting monkey.)

Self-reflecting_monkey Wikimedia Commons

awareness, consciousness, inspiration, spiritual book, spirituality, Walking The Bridge books

What Is Your Large Soul View, and How does it Affect You?

Question: We know that our mind makes form, according to our perceptions and vibrations. We know, as you’ve said, God is causing us to blossom in the beam of His attention and is pouring through us, making everything happen. At the same time, everything is already Created. We are told that everything that will ever exist is already Created by God. Help us understand how both of these are true?

Isaac answered by holding his hands in front of his face, with only a tiny gap to allow him to see one person at a time. “What can I see now, with a narrowed view? Only you, and now only the next person.”

It’s like a long storybook that is already written, but we can read only one page at a time. We are here now. We experience only one page now. But the whole book is written. We can’t see the whole thing at once.

Imagine your Large Soul sending you out, lifetime after lifetime. It sends part of you to the causal plane and part to the astral plane, and sends you here to the physical. It’s really not as defined as this, but for the sake of understanding we can work with it in this way.

The Large Soul may send parts only into the causal and/or astral. But if it goes all the way into the physical, it has the causal and astral layers for sure. It’s like the root we spoke about, going deeper into the physical.
If you are here in the physical body, you know you also have counterparts in the causal and astral realms.

The Soul incarnates in order to learn and develop more skill in areas where it may be weak. For instance, your Large Soul may want to work on its skill of how to handle anger. Perhaps in past lifetimes you handled anger in a coarse way. Your anger was easily triggered and seeking vengeance. Perhaps part of you felt regret in that, and now the Large Soul wants to try again this lifetime to really focus and learn about anger.

So here you are, in a potentially angry moment. (He held his palms open, both sides balancing like a set of scales.)
Inside you hear a whisper: “I can’t stand this – it isn’t fair.”
Another whisper arises and says, “Wait, not now. Speak of it later, but not now. Cool off.”

But the situation is so heightened that the scales could tip in either direction. It’s up to you to make your move and learn from it. It’s your own learning. The Universe doesn’t judge you.

If you manage to go with the more peaceful suggestion, then you experience patience – perhaps for the first time ever.
Now you have made one inroad into the experience of Patience. You feel its vibration. Now you will know how to get back here again, to Patience. You have a platform on which to build. Your Large Soul gains growth from this experience.

You are living page by page, and yes, the whole book is already written. Although you feel you are making choices, the long view says it’s all God doing this. It’s not you doing anything at all. You are guided in everything, the good and the bad.

In fact there is nothing bad. It’s all from God. All of it is good. There is no such thing as evil, when you see it from broad perspective. Yes, there is suffering, there is difficulty, and all of that is valid. That is also true.

A person could take this teaching and say, “Well, whatever happens is meant to happen, so I don’t have to try.” But that’s not the attitude we want. Don’t stop efforting just because you know the whole book is already written.

The Sages looked for two things in their students:
First, the humility of not knowing the whole picture and not attempting to control it.
Second, a willingness to put forth effort. In fact if students assumed a controlling attitude or believed they could control God’s gifts to them, the teacher would give them assignments that brought them low.

Anyone may be brought low on any given day. Always for a purpose. Have the humility to know you are not in control of anything.

When your life is done, your body falls away, yet your consciousness is still living in the astral and causal planes. You have more to learn on those planes before returning fully to your Large Soul.

These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 76 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.

earth between fingers Pxfuel(Thanks to Pxfuel for this image.)

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Divine Grace Light Shower Upon Us

Isaac opened our morning with his amazing sweet new song that tasted like awe. After meditation he gave us a teaching about these lyrics.

Arut perum jyoti tani perum Karunai.
Divine Grace Light shower upon us.
Or zarua la Tzaddik uleyishrey lev simcha.
Light is sown for the saintly, and joy for the pure in heart.

Isaac said the first line is from the mantra of Ramalinga Swami who lived in the 1800’s in Southern India. Ramalinga Swami wanted to do away with the caste system. He preached no rules and no steps to follow, only simply to connect with the Divine Light, as light.

He spent his life praising the Light and feeding the poor.
His main teaching was just to be harmless. To do no harm to anything.

Light filled Ramalinga so much that his body gradually became light. First came the golden body, at which time he glowed with golden light. As the light in him increased, he wrote a poem of forty thousand verses telling how he became more and more light. Eventually even his physical organs stopped working. His heart no longer beat, his blood didn’t flow, his lungs didn’t breathe. And yet he lived.

His body cast no shadow. He was careful to cover his head and entire body with clothing, as he did not want to frighten his people.

Ultimately, he became nothing but astral light.

He didn’t die as we would in a body. Instead he told his devotees he would be leaving, and they should lock the door of his room. While they were chanting outside his door, they saw a flash of violet light. Then his room was empty. He had dissolved into the very Light of the Universe.

The third line of this verse, in Hebrew, is from King David’s psalms (97:11). It translates as: Light is sown by the tzaddik, the upright heart is blessed with joy. This says Light is sown everywhere the tzaddik goes, the same way a farmer sows seed. And we enjoy the fruit of that seed in our joy.

This new song brings together similar messages of Light. It brings West to East, and past to present. With our singing we bring West, East, past, present, right into this Present Moment.

Each of us gravitates to one of these four phrases, and we sing them together.
(Our hearts expanded as we sang it again. Such deep Peace!)

This Isaac teaching is excerpted from Chapter 33 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

Ramalinga Swami
Ramalinga Swami, a.k.a. Vallalar

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When Does God Wink at You and show Strong Love and Caring for You?

I’m driving along by myself, praying out loud like I often do, just having another chat with God and my angels and guides.
“Please help me drop all this old baggage. I so feel like it’s time. It’s overdue. I keep seeing these recurring themes and all this crap that I still hold onto. These old resentments and regrets. Please, please, help me really, truly drop the baggage. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want it anymore. Please help it dissolve. Please lift it away. Let all the heavy emotional charges disappear from my mind and heart.”
Next thing, I pull up behind a license plate that says, NOBAGS.
Now I’m laughing out loud with gratitude and wonder.

I’ll bet you’ve received messages on license plates, too?
Do tell! I would love to read your comments.

It can’t be “just our imagination,” because so often the message is exactly to the point.

For something a little crazier:

Some years ago, one night after an extremely harrowing shift of working intensive care, I drove home wasted, shell shocked from that battlefield.
But I was singing along to some of my favorite music, to feed my soul. I was thinking how my shift went haywire in so many ways, and yet I knew God was helping me through that day. Still, the perfectionist part of me wanted to apologize for everything that went wrong, even though it wasn’t my fault.
I sang along with David Newman and Friends’ song, You Can Count On Me, the line, “should the stars fall from the sky, I’ll be the One to come to your side.”
Simultaneous with those words, a falling star streaked cross the dark sky in front of me.
Absolute awe and wonder.
Tears of the deepest happiness and trust in the universe.

Fast forward to this season now.
We have been through a lot in the past few years. A lot of isolation, a lot of bewilderment, and a lot of soul searching.
In my world, fewer and fewer people want to read a blog anymore, and I ask myself if I should even bother anymore.

But then – wouldn’t you know it – after a Chinese lunch, I received the most remarkable fortune cookie wisdom. The message was so personalized, so obviously intended for my eyes.
It was the line about how the whole world is a narrow bridge.
That line is embodied in our book series title, Walking The Bridge.
Somebody in that fortune cookie factory had taken Rabbi Nachman’s words and dropped them onto that tiny paper. (No credit given, but that don’t matter.)

“The whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is to have no fear” (‘to not make yourself afraid,’ in some translations). – Nachman of Breslov

I got the message loud and clear: carry on – don’t quit. We’re in your corner. Remember, you’re on a narrow bridge, so relax, have faith and trust. No fear.
Don’t give up.

Dear Reader, tell us please, when does God wink at you and show strong love and caring for you?
We would totally love to hear your story.

Sending Hugs –

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And here’s that fortune cookie I mentioned – no kidding!

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