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Divine Grace Light Shower Upon Us

Isaac opened our morning with his amazing sweet new song that tasted like awe. After meditation he gave us a teaching about these lyrics.

Arut perum jyoti tani perum Karunai.
Divine Grace Light shower upon us.
Or zarua la Tzaddik uleyishrey lev simcha.
Light is sown for the saintly, and joy for the pure in heart.

Isaac said the first line is from the mantra of Ramalinga Swami who lived in the 1800’s in Southern India. Ramalinga Swami wanted to do away with the caste system. He preached no rules and no steps to follow, only simply to connect with the Divine Light, as light.

He spent his life praising the Light and feeding the poor.
His main teaching was just to be harmless. To do no harm to anything.

Light filled Ramalinga so much that his body gradually became light. First came the golden body, at which time he glowed with golden light. As the light in him increased, he wrote a poem of forty thousand verses telling how he became more and more light. Eventually even his physical organs stopped working. His heart no longer beat, his blood didn’t flow, his lungs didn’t breathe. And yet he lived.

His body cast no shadow. He was careful to cover his head and entire body with clothing, as he did not want to frighten his people.

Ultimately, he became nothing but astral light.

He didn’t die as we would in a body. Instead he told his devotees he would be leaving, and they should lock the door of his room. While they were chanting outside his door, they saw a flash of violet light. Then his room was empty. He had dissolved into the very Light of the Universe.

The third line of this verse, in Hebrew, is from King David’s psalms (97:11). It translates as: Light is sown by the tzaddik, the upright heart is blessed with joy. This says Light is sown everywhere the tzaddik goes, the same way a farmer sows seed. And we enjoy the fruit of that seed in our joy.

This new song brings together similar messages of Light. It brings West to East, and past to present. With our singing we bring West, East, past, present, right into this Present Moment.

Each of us gravitates to one of these four phrases, and we sing them together.
(Our hearts expanded as we sang it again. Such deep Peace!)

This Isaac teaching is excerpted from Chapter 33 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

Ramalinga Swami
Ramalinga Swami, a.k.a. Vallalar

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Reflections on Daas, Elijah, and the Garden of Eden

Esoteric discussion with Isaac –

Question: Recently you did a teaching about unblocking the throat and allowing energy to flow through it. I found that so helpful. Would you review that?

The throat is the location of “Daas,” where all attributes may be united as one. This connection doesn’t happen through ordinary speech, but through spiritual speech. Singing spiritual songs opens the throat and provides this connection. Giving speeches about spirituality leads to “Daas,” as well.

Have you ever noticed, when you’re thinking about something that’s bothering you, the more you examine it and listen to yourself internally, you sink deeper into confusion? But if you speak it out loud to someone, suddenly clarity comes in. You get new insights just by speaking it out loud. This is because the aspect of “Daas” is active when you open the throat and speak aloud.
(Daas is also known as Da’at.)

Question: Does this topic have anything to do with those saints and yogis who received sweet nectar coming down at the back of the tongue?

Not directly, but we know this nectar is a real experience that has happened to those adepts. This is not for us ordinary people, but it does happen to a select few who have managed to progress to an extreme degree.

In the Torah they speak about people who lived four hundred years or six hundred years. We tend to think that’s an odd exaggeration. It can’t happen, right? But it truly did happen. They did live that long, because they had shifted from the biochemical body to the electric body. They were living from the Tree of Life, living from the Light.

And they weren’t trying to live long to avoid death. They were comfortable with death. There were other reasons for them to keep living so long.

Even now we have some people living that long, hundreds of years. They don’t want to be known, but they do exist.

Elijah transformed from a flesh body to a light body. He never died. He is still roaming from world to world, wherever he is needed. If he needs a physical body to do his job of the moment, then a physical body is instantaneously manifested for him. Our teachers speak about Elijah “hopping” from realm to realm.

Question: Please say more about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge?

The Tree of Knowledge represents Duality, which is the lowest realm.
The Tree of Life is Unity with God.

In the beginning Adam and Eve had bodies of light. This would be like astral bodies. Not physical bodies. They lived at the same level as the Tree of Life. They were made of Light.

The Tree of Knowledge, of Duality, was below them. When they wanted to eat from it, in effect they fell into that lower dimension. When they fell, they immediately took on physical bodies. From that point on they were in the physical realm.

Question: And what about the cherub and the two flaming swords guarding the way back to Paradise?

The swords are crossed and pointing down. When they say “flaming” – that’s only one way to interpret the Hebrew, and it’s not accurate. The translation of that word really means “inverted.” The swords are inverted upside-down. And they are revolving.

This is to teach us that we must invert ourselves, we must revolve ourselves, we must change a lot in order to return to Paradise.

We need to shift from our physical biochemical body to our light body. Shift our priorities away from this lower realm to the higher realms.

Question: And what was the fruit Adam and Eve ate?

Not an apple. On the Tree of Knowledge the fruit is “thinking.” When we indulge in thinking, categorizing, separating, we eat the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil – Duality.

Excerpted from chapter 26 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance.

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Relax and Be Home in the Heart of Binah

Binah is the Mother who is calling us home, just like Mom would call you home to dinner.
Return to the Place where we are One.

This is the Place we live in with our hearts, not our minds.
The mind is all about limitation and definition.

We think we know who we are with our mind. Our mind holds onto certain stories about us. Out of these stories we define who we are in the world. I construct myself out of my stories.

The older we get, the more we are restricted by ever more stories about ourselves.
But the stories are not really Who we Are.

When astronauts look back and see the earth, they see seamless continents and oceans. But on our globes and maps we have lines dividing countries from each other. The mind does that. It sets up limitations. It contains. It compares. Meanwhile the earth itself lives without lines, without borders. That is the Reality. The borders are constructed by the mind only.

Binah calls us to return to our hearts.

The heart has its own awareness, deeper than the mind.

When you put your attention fully into your heart, you find it is without limits.

In a room full of friends, as you place yourself into your heart, you automatically connect with everybody. You love everybody, and you know they love you. It is possible to settle into this awareness so deeply that you recognize, at the heart level, you are everybody.

All are you, only you, so you are here alone. Alone but not lonely.

Alone in this sea of love in the heart.

There is nothing to prove or to define. You are already “there.”

You are immersed, and all of it is You.

There are no borders or boundaries to You.

Now when you go to the heart in this way, it doesn’t stop the mind from chattering. The mind still talks, but you can relegate it to the background, as if somebody in the house left a radio on. You don’t have to go there and find out what the radio is saying.

You just let it be, and you stay in the heart.
The mind-radio is just a bit of background noise, nothing to worry about. Pay no attention to it.

How do you know you are moving into this heart-space?
You will find you have increasing energy. Simply more energy to do whatever you need to do. Less energy is spent, so you have more of it.

People ask, doesn’t it come with spiritual powers?
Well, why would you need powers? This is full contentment and nothing to do, nothing pressing. There’s nobody to impress. There’s no reason to have powers.

You’re already there.

You’re in contentment.

These words are from Isaac, in Chapter 30 of Volume 4, Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust.

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How to Use the Four Worlds and How They Live in You

You can say your prayer silently, but our rabbis say it aloud.
They focus thought and speech together.
They teach that thought and speech are male and female. When put together, these two give birth to feeling and action.

When you say your prayer aloud with vigor in your voice and heart, you engage in the strongest divine connection, which will unfold in feeling and action for the highest good of all.

The leader of the Hasidic movement, the Baal Shem Tov, brought deep sacred energy to his conversations with the Divine. He was given the gift of holy speech, speaking things into being. He and his students would step into a horse-drawn carriage, and within a moment they would arrive in a town five hundred miles away. They called this The Folding of the Way. It happened more than once.

These four: thought, speech, feeling, and action (physicality) are in fact the four worlds.

They also signify the four letters of the name of God.

In giving your attention, giving your heart fully to your prayer, you have expressed the full name of God and all realms.

The four worlds, or four fields, exist within you, too.

You could do a meditation, asking God to fill each level of you with highest Light.
First the field of thought . . . (Dear God please fill my thought with the highest Light.)
then speech . . .
then emotion . . .
and then physicality.

You may find these four fields collapse into each other, like a telescope folding itself up within you. All four together melt into Divine Light.

We don’t know how to make this work. God knows how. We are totally dependent.

When we come to rely fully on God, then we won’t die alone.

You hold your loved ones’ hands as you die, but you don’t want to take them with you where you’re going.
You feel like you’re going alone, but you’re not.
God takes your hand and lifts you.

This teaching from Isaac is excerpted from Chapter 7 of Volume 3, Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

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Find Stillness Beyond Wave-Life

Isaac said –

We have so much trouble turning off our thoughts during meditation. It’s difficult for us to find that still water of the pond. One renowned Eastern teacher used to tell his students, “Every time you pass by a pond, sit down and meditate.” It wasn’t that the water had special properties. Rather it was to help them remember that our meditative state and our inner self should be as calm as that still water.

During meditation our thoughts arise like waves in the water. But we do not have to go with those waves. Return to the still water.

Sometimes we try to get into a particular sensation that we think is a “good” meditation. But that is another kind of wave. It is sensation. Not stillness.

As we continue our meditation practice through months and years, we might have special experiences, psychic developments. But these too are waves. They are not the still water. Don’t let yourself be distracted by these things. They’re just another wave.

The purpose of making regular visits to the still water is to learn that this Stillness underlies everything. We go from our wave-life to our still-life and back to our wave-life. In going back and forth, we come to know, solidly, that our wave-life is an illusion. All the stresses we have, the issues, the thoughts, the stories – all of it is illusion.

It is our steady practice of meditation that brings us this wisdom. Nothing else will help us learn this.

(Isaac continued, but I lost the rest of the words. Listening to his voice, I became more and more tranced and empty-headed. This seemed to happen to everyone. We got steadily saturated with calm.)

Soon Isaac said, “You see? Here it is. This is the place we need to be.”

(We had all slowed down into emptiness. Stillness. Couldn’t think a thought.)

“Okay,” said Isaac. “Go spread this around.”

These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 57 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.

Note: As the Jewish New Year approaches, we will respectfully go into silence for the next two weeks, and resume in mid-October.

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