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The Not Surprising Purpose of Suffering

Question: Why do we have to come here, to the densest world, with all this suffering? Why would anybody want to come here?

Our teachers tell us we are in a sense earning our way to greater awareness by dealing with our suffering. In fact we expand through our suffering.

Have you ever met somebody who at first glance looks like any old guy, and you don’t particularly respect them? But then you find out they spent twenty years in a Siberian prison camp, and they’re still smiling? Your respect for them goes up like a sky-rocket. They expanded through suffering. They learned from it. They earned some depth.

Not everyone has to experience deep suffering before they turn to God and find their path of light. Some will get a clue sooner.

Still, the purpose of all suffering is to learn from it.

Question: Why must we have this veil of Forgetfulness? What is its purpose?

In each new life we arrive without a memory of past lives or higher worlds in order to focus on our particular task in this incarnation. You come in with a fresh outlook, uncolored by your past, untouched by previous attempts or failures.

The veil of Forgetfulness gives you a new start, a clean slate.

That veil can lift a bit if you expand your awareness into the next level, into the astral. You may begin to remember past lives.

Question: I know about expanding through suffering, but what happens when you are suddenly yanked upward by an experience of grace, unexpectedly?

Gifts of grace do happen like that. They are designed to give you hope. They show you that You are more than you think you are.

How do you feel when you hear stories of miracles, stories of what happened to some of the tzaddiks, the saints? You feel lifted, right? Like maybe such things are possible. It gives you hope.

When a moment of grace arises unbidden in your life, it can reveal your path of light to you. It opens you up to the greater part of You in the higher worlds.

This chat with Isaac is in Chapter 22 of Vol 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance. (Thanks to public domain for this awesome image which possibly reflects awareness.)
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Inspiration and Upliftment

If you allow it, these pages may change the way you walk in the world. This material over time had a life-changing impact on those who heard it, live, from our teacher. I share these teachings with his blessings, although he does not want to be identified.

I wish I could bring to you the totality of being there, listening to and feeling the wondrous unfolding of higher vibrational energies and newfound awareness.
But this  would be impossible.
I captured only what I could, through my own filters. I am just a scribe, not really the author here.

The people in our spiritual community came from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions. Yet all were drawn to put their new roots into the rich soil of Isaac’s spiritual ground.
This soil is a combination of psychology, spirituality, meditation, Mystical Judaism, Hasidism, along with saints and sages of India and other parts of the world.