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Reflections on Daas, Elijah, and the Garden of Eden

Esoteric discussion with Isaac –

Question: Recently you did a teaching about unblocking the throat and allowing energy to flow through it. I found that so helpful. Would you review that?

The throat is the location of “Daas,” where all attributes may be united as one. This connection doesn’t happen through ordinary speech, but through spiritual speech. Singing spiritual songs opens the throat and provides this connection. Giving speeches about spirituality leads to “Daas,” as well.

Have you ever noticed, when you’re thinking about something that’s bothering you, the more you examine it and listen to yourself internally, you sink deeper into confusion? But if you speak it out loud to someone, suddenly clarity comes in. You get new insights just by speaking it out loud. This is because the aspect of “Daas” is active when you open the throat and speak aloud.
(Daas is also known as Da’at.)

Question: Does this topic have anything to do with those saints and yogis who received sweet nectar coming down at the back of the tongue?

Not directly, but we know this nectar is a real experience that has happened to those adepts. This is not for us ordinary people, but it does happen to a select few who have managed to progress to an extreme degree.

In the Torah they speak about people who lived four hundred years or six hundred years. We tend to think that’s an odd exaggeration. It can’t happen, right? But it truly did happen. They did live that long, because they had shifted from the biochemical body to the electric body. They were living from the Tree of Life, living from the Light.

And they weren’t trying to live long to avoid death. They were comfortable with death. There were other reasons for them to keep living so long.

Even now we have some people living that long, hundreds of years. They don’t want to be known, but they do exist.

Elijah transformed from a flesh body to a light body. He never died. He is still roaming from world to world, wherever he is needed. If he needs a physical body to do his job of the moment, then a physical body is instantaneously manifested for him. Our teachers speak about Elijah “hopping” from realm to realm.

Question: Please say more about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge?

The Tree of Knowledge represents Duality, which is the lowest realm.
The Tree of Life is Unity with God.

In the beginning Adam and Eve had bodies of light. This would be like astral bodies. Not physical bodies. They lived at the same level as the Tree of Life. They were made of Light.

The Tree of Knowledge, of Duality, was below them. When they wanted to eat from it, in effect they fell into that lower dimension. When they fell, they immediately took on physical bodies. From that point on they were in the physical realm.

Question: And what about the cherub and the two flaming swords guarding the way back to Paradise?

The swords are crossed and pointing down. When they say “flaming” – that’s only one way to interpret the Hebrew, and it’s not accurate. The translation of that word really means “inverted.” The swords are inverted upside-down. And they are revolving.

This is to teach us that we must invert ourselves, we must revolve ourselves, we must change a lot in order to return to Paradise.

We need to shift from our physical biochemical body to our light body. Shift our priorities away from this lower realm to the higher realms.

Question: And what was the fruit Adam and Eve ate?

Not an apple. On the Tree of Knowledge the fruit is “thinking.” When we indulge in thinking, categorizing, separating, we eat the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil – Duality.

Excerpted from chapter 26 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance.

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Find Freedom No Matter What

We live in duality. Although we want evolution and perfection, it is not going to happen here.
The goal is to live in duality without suffering.

What if you could reach the place where you see that your life doesn’t always follow natural law? What if, from time to time, you notice the Divine Hand arranging things, so to speak? What if more uncanny synchronicities pop up for you?
If we raise our awareness and develop our trust, we can see this.

When we first notice this happening, we might react with fear.
The sages say Fear is a gateway onto the path. Fear gets your attention. Fear changes your behavior.

Each of us is like a little chick pick-pick-pecking at our shell to get out of it. We keep pecking away. When the shell drops off, there is a moment of fear and amazement as our old world disappears and there’s a whole new place here.

Eventually we begin again picking and pecking at our world, at our new shell. We never stop pecking and we never finish dropping the infinite shells that contain us, in duality.

God is ever-increasing freedom.

Who has free will? From the top floor of our metaphorical building, we see that only God has free will, to do whatever It wants.
The more freedom we experience, the closer we are to God. On our path we will find more and more freedom and light.


Comment: This week I found freedom when I uncovered some chronic negative self-talk.

Good, congratulations. Healing follows Consciousness. Wherever we can throw more light, more awareness, then healing flows in.


Question: How can I reframe the politics at work and the undesirable aspects of any situation?

Our unconscious behavior and reactions arise as if we are dreaming them. You don’t have to be in your bed to dream. We often live a dream and react to situations automatically.
We carry around expectations and burdens about the politics at work. How can we possibly take a step back and see an old situation freshly?

First we have to let go. Meditation helps. Let the Witness look at the situation. Take a step back. We need to re-contextualize and reframe the situation. What are the positive aspects within it? What is good about this circumstance? Reframe it.

Then we can see past our own dream, our own triggers, our automatic reactions.


These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 49 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.

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Our World of Assiyah – Duality – Good and Not so Good

Question: Isaac, recently you spoke about how God created the Garden of Eden. Was this the first dualism, the first creation of the Mind?

Yes, and all creation arises from the Mind of God. For creation to occur, limits are drawn, containers are made to hold creations in place. Things are defined.

The Garden of Eden took place in the world of Yetzirah. The core duality was about the real versus the unreal, in the world of Yetzirah. (Yetzirah is considered the astral plane.)

But as the story unfolds Adam and Eve fall into the world of Assiyah, the physical world where we are now. Here the focus turns to good and evil, instead of real and unreal.

Comment: You also pointed out how the Tree of Knowledge and the snake were “out there” in the garden, but by eating the fruit, we internalized the tree and the snake. We brought evil into ourselves, and we can’t put it back “out there” outside ourselves.

Yes. Remember, what was the first thing that happened after they ate the fruit?

Adam hid. They went into hiding. Hiding from God. Separation.

Not only did they separate themselves and hide from God, they also hid their bodies with clothing. The naked body was no problem before, but now they wanted to hide it.

In this world of Assiyah we do struggle to reinforce our good inclination and diminish our evil inclination. Most of us, as we grow older, we realize our habits don’t serve us well.

Our evil inclination tendencies make life harder for us. We come to a point where we get tired of our habitual coping skills. We see clearly that our ways are not working well.

Then we simply pray for release, pray for more alignment.

Prayers are always answered. Remember this.

Prayers are always answered.

We may forget we asked. Then a day comes when something liberating happens, and we say, “That’s nice, what a relief.” It is really your prayer being answered but you forgot you asked.

If you have the awareness to recognize an answered prayer, you will see. Prayers are answered.

These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 30 of Volume 4, Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust.

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Planet Universe Atmosphere Globe Earth Moon
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Try the Wondrous Door to God Here Now

From Isaac’s teachings:
In our tradition we have many names for God, but this teaching is about two names of God, Havayah and Elokim. (Elokim is God as Form, pronounced “Elohim” when in sacred prayer.)

“Havayah” is the One. It is like the sun. Bright and complete.

“Elokim” infuses and becomes every detail of the dualistic world. It is like a shield. It hides the sun.

The shield and the sun. Both are available to us, but it is the job of the shield to hide the sun.

In this world of sensation, every sensation that arises is really an invitation to us.
It invites us to walk through a doorway to Connection.
Most of us don’t see it that way, but it is true that every sensation can be a doorway.

Every emotion, every touch, every song is a doorway. The way the cat looks when it’s sleeping, the taste of coffee, each of these is a doorway through which we could connect to God.
God as Elokim infuses every detail of the world and every sensation.

I’m not talking about only pleasant sensations, but also sensations of pain or grief.
All of these are divine messages for us, invitations to us, if we are listening.

Most of us, however, the instant any sensation arises, we fit it into our ongoing stories. We give it a place in our habitual story. We hardly even notice it.

Our arising sensation automatically goes into our story.

This is the shield hiding the sun.

Our habitual story blocks the sun.

For instance here’s an ant pile in front of your door. Fear arises. Subconsciously you recall the childhood memory of pain when ants covered your feet and bit you like crazy. The ants are fierce invaders to you. Fear them and fight them. That’s your story.

On the other hand perhaps the ant pile is meant to show you a sense of community and cooperation. The ants work together. Maybe you’ve been having a hard time on that theme of teamwork and mutual support. Maybe Elokim wants you to see teamwork right there on your doorstep. Who knows?

But because of your story, you don’t see it. You don’t use it as a doorway for connection to God.

But if a person is awake enough?

Rama Krishna looked up and saw a flock of geese, and that moment took him to the next world. That was it, for him. That was his Connection – the end.

Now, do we all need to find some geese, so we can try this?
The ego says, “He found it in geese, he did it that way, so can I.”
It’s not the geese.
It’s an internal shift.
It’s a door that’s available anytime we choose, with any sensation that arises.

In the life of the One, there is no time.

Here in the life of duality we have time and memory. In fact we admire those who have great memory-capacity. We award prestigious degrees to those who can study and retain information. Our degrees reflect how well we use our memory.
Duality is rooted in the mind.

In the Oneness, there is no mind and no memory.

Everything happens “now.”
You don’t need to remember it from another time. It is all “now.”

How do we make this shift, to see sensation as a doorway?
(To be continued in part 2)


This excerpt is from Chapter 18 of Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust (volume 4).(Thanks to Steve Corey and Flickr for this image.)

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New Way to See New Year – Rosh Hashanah

Before the New Year begins, the Old Year must end.
We must go to the state of nothingness, releasing the old year.
We must be empty.

Imagine standing in a pool of pure Being. Stillness. This pool’s surface is as glassy as a mirror. The sun is perfectly reflected in it. Only One sun.

If we start some waves in this pool, we will see the reflections of many suns. Diversity. Duality.
You and I are these waves, these reflections. Our world is made up of a multitude of these reflections. So much variety.

All worlds are made of these waves and reflections of the One. Every world carries its own band of frequencies.

In this world of action and doing, Assiyah, we have a particular band of frequencies unique to our world. We are born with the proper equipment to deal in these frequencies. Here we have everything from vengeful anger to peace. And everything in-between.
Even scientists tell us that we are made up of waves. Brain waves. Heart waves. Every cell and molecule, down to the smallest part, is actually waves.

Everything in our world can be recognized by its own frequency. Each thing vibrates differently than anything else. We know this.

As we emerge into the next world, we find it is composed of frequencies that feel new and different to us, yet we already have the equipment to sense those frequencies. In the astral world of Yetzirah, space falls away. In the world of doing, when we travel from New York to London, we have to cover ground in some way, either by plane or by ship. But in the astral plane, we can be there immediately, just by thinking it. And there we go, in a flash, as we move from class to class. We keep learning.

Think how it is, if we are all in a swimming pool together: one person might be on a raft with a drink in his hand, somebody else swimming, maybe another sitting on a watery step meditating in the sunshine. Here comes somebody else, suddenly splashing up waves. So the guy on the raft spills his drink. Everybody is affected in some way. Even if it was just a small wave, the raft will bob.

We live in a shared pool. Everything we do has an effect far beyond what we realize. We’re interconnected. We affect each other.


This is an excerpt of Isaac’s words from chapter 67 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.)
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