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How to Wake Up, Drop the Hurt, and Be Centered 

Many thanks for this guest post of one student’s notes, based on personal understanding of Isaac’s teachings. (These are not transcripts nor book excerpts. This passage is remarkable.)

Anyone who has been hurt, and that’s most of us, always carries that hurt, even if we don’t recall it. This creates distance between us and others.

That hurt, along with all other hurts we’ve experienced, get into our ‘car’ and do the driving. We become very different when our hurts are brought up.

We see this especially when we’re offended. Then, all memories of being hurt flood in and possess us, literally.

We’re essentially a floating picture in a sea of boundless, timeless consciousness.

Consciousness enters orderly systems, whether ant or human. All systems are expressions of this timeless, endless ocean of consciousness, which enjoys inhabiting working systems. (When a system breaks down, consciousness exits that system and enters another or returns to its oceanic, endless being.)

If we’ve developed a system of being hurt with collections of aggression and passivity — a desire to hurt or to be hurt — consciousness inhabits it.

All life wants to preserve life and expand itself.
Thus the hurt becomes a living force that wants to sustain itself as a system of negativity, which is fed by similar vibrations of negativity — it ‘eats’ negativity.

When it jumps into us and demands to be fed, it wants hurt, whether we hurt someone else or receive hurt from others.
Once fed, it can abate for awhile. This can create our changing moods, though they’re more like changing personalities.

For example, there are two people who love each other and live together. The negative part of one enters and demands to be fed, so they say something hurtful to their loved one. When it leaves, they’re horrified at what they said and how they hurt the one they love.

Sages speak of extremes that we flip between: Angry one day, guilty the next, lustful and then penitent, greedy and then generous.

As long as there are splits that dominate the central areas of consciousness, one will go back and forth, from aggression to passivity and back again.

For example, Someone doesn’t like to be confrontational — they tolerate what’s going on — so others assume they don’t mind. This isn’t the case, though, so with every abuse, rage is built until it reaches a crescendo.
In the normal course of being abused, their hurt builds, takes them over and makes them fierce.
But then they look insane, because they’re dropping an atomic bomb to knock down a house. They were ‘patient’ until they exploded.

That type of patience/tolerance isn’t real patience.
It’s a split between their passive wing and their aggressive wing.

There can also be the opposite situation where someone tries to bully others, control others, push others into accepting their beliefs.
One day the bully meets someone who overcomes them with greater aggression, and they break down into extreme passivity.

Neither extreme is balanced.

There’s a way of being that is quiet, yet filled with power. Only when one centers oneself in the middle and attains quiet power do they gain eyes to see and ears to hear, Being centered, present and mindful, they know when to move forward, when to retreat.

Meditation, when done with perseverance, is the best way to develop this balance, as it examines the bouncing back and forth from an objective perspective. As one begins to watch, see and understand what’s been happening, the watching begins to heal the splits.

Then, the vehicles that held the earlier fractured systems become fuel for the healing, and it burns brightly.

The most essential step is to bring all splits back into the Unity.

We’re to love G-d with both our good and bad inclinations — with both sides of our heart. Both sides loving together is completion.
That love absorbs, consumes and re-unites the split.

We are encouraged to experience each level, each system that has been created within. See it from a distance and then focus on it for a time to carefully examine it. Then one can see what occupies them.

One can see what’s coming and going and what system it is without identifying with it.
One can then rule the system rather than be under its sway.
These systems, comprised of every level of desires and fears, become fuel when consciousness remains steady.

People often meditate for one or two minutes and then wild thoughts come in and take them away. This doesn’t provide enough time to examine.
In this case, we can go to people who have obtained sustained consciousness and sit near them, as they, by their very being, transmit sustained consciousness which stabilizes us and enables transforming a world of hurt into fuel for illumination.

We can now view ourselves in the Light of Consciousness and realize we’ve become convinced we’re one of the sub-systems (‘I’m angry’, ‘I’m desirous,’ etc.).

The splits of all the loves and fears that have fallen into the world can then be brought together into the pure love of G-d, alone, allowing them to generate perennial light.

Then all vehicles of all lifetimes will be consumed.

The sparks that have fallen into creation will be returned.

Attainment of perennial light is joy.

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