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Melt the Ice of Form and Become a Blessing to the World

Isaac said,

Let’s speak about the water of life. Water comes in several forms. But it is still and always Water, just as the One is always One. Water can be ice, liquid or steam. Consider that ice is form; water could represent consciousness; steam represents awareness.

We humans are all three of these: form, consciousness, awareness. But we have focused upon and become fascinated with our “ice” form – our body and our physical world. We tend to think the body is us, the body is all we are.

But as we know, whatever we focus upon becomes more solid and more real.

In coming to earth, we have put virtually all our attention into our form, our “ice.” That’s why we appear to be in these bodies.

As the Baal Shem Tov teaches, wherever your mind is, there you are.
Even though we exist as consciousness and awareness, it is hard to be in touch with those because we are spending all our attention on form.

What we need is some heat to melt the ice of form.
That heat comes from the heart.
There is a flame lit in the heart.
You might feel this flame as the feeling you get when you pick up a holy book, or when you feel inspired by something you see or hear.

This flame, this heat, is the urge to connect to God.

We want contact with That which is more than form.

This natural urge lives in our heart and strengthens if we allow it to do so.
Rabbi Nachman called this “a living heart.”

Do you have a living heart or a dead heart?
If you’re here, listening to this, you have a living heart.

Our goal is to know ourselves not only as ice, but as water and steam: consciousness and awareness.

We can correlate these three levels to waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.
Ideally, we can learn to be in all three states at the same time.

In my waking life, I’m doing practical and necessary things, working at my job, balancing my checkbook, nurturing my relationships. Call this practicality.

In my dreaming life, I’m in the astral realm. This is where creativity arises. If I need a tree in this scene, it appears. If I need another person to interact with, here they are. Call this creativity.

Deep sleep is peace or bliss. Call it either one. This is deep awareness. I go to a place of such contentment that I see God in everyone. Everywhere I look, I see God.

You know it’s really that I see God in myself. My world is a reflection of me. And certainly we are all One. In deep sleep we know the truth of this.

All of us want more peace, don’t we? More bliss. We go on vacation in an effort to taste a little peace – to leave our responsibilities behind us. But you know, when you taste the peace of deep sleep Awareness, it’s really better than a trip to Hawaii.

We melt the ice of our form enough so we can bring together waking and dreaming. Bring together practicality and creativity. Ideas come from the creative astral plane into the practical world to take on form. We are vehicles for this process.

Thus the astral is carried into this world, marrying creativity with practicality. This occurs when we bring something of beauty into this world. It may be a work of art, or a song, or a kind word to someone. It doesn’t matter what it is. We bring more inspiration into our world. We inspire others, too, in this way.

If we can melt our ice even further, then peace is carried into our world.
In a state of peace, we know this Present Moment is filled with all we could ever need.
Living in this awareness of peace, we naturally spread more peace into the world.

You will find the deepest happiness in bringing these three states of mind together and living them simultaneously. Doing so will also allow you to make your unique contribution to the world. Your gifts to share. Those interactions unique to you.

All the great teachers throughout time left us so many great books, volumes of wonderful information about how they reached enlightenment. But books will take you only so far.

What you really need is a living heart.
You need the flame, the heat to melt your form.

This is not something one person can do for another.
You can’t really teach it or give it to anybody, because we each have our own heart.
We each handle our own approach to life.

What is the one thing you need for all this?
Relaxation is the key.
Relaxation helps you disengage from your form.
Relax, to release your worldly desires and fears.

You are really letting go of your identity.

You are dropping all those usual waking thoughts of “how’s my bank account” and “who likes me and who doesn’t.”
You are just relaxing all of that and allowing your attention to move toward liquid water and steam.


These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 13 of Volume 4, Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust.

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