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Surrender into Your Light Body for Lucid Dreaming

In a deep teaching about our light body (in volume 3), Isaac describes how to bring yourself into your light body in meditation.
It’s typical that when we meditate, we take on our “spiritual personality,” another character that is still “me,” so to speak.
Instead, surrender and become “nobody,” just the Observer, says Isaac:

. . . You move into your spiritual part and say, “This is me now.” You release all your other personas. I release that Isaac guy who likes to watch the football game, drink a beer, and cheer for the touchdown. I tell myself that’s not who I am now. I am withdrawing to my spiritual self.

But you see, this only builds another persona.
You reinforce another self, the spiritual persona.

We want a real release of all personas.
This is an inner shift you make.
You surrender and become nobody.

If you can make this shift into full relaxation, full release, then the next thing you may do, out of habit, is to fall asleep. This is our usual pattern. Relax fully, then sleep. When you drift to sleep, you feel energy ebbing away.

If you can stay conscious at this point, you will instead feel an increase of energy.

You will begin to see dream images arising. Your practice is to observe them but not go with them, not get hooked into their stories.

Stay as an Observer.

Try to stay awake and aware.

Try to be there consciously when you reach the crossroads to two paths: sleep and unconscious dreaming, or awareness and lucid dreaming.

Be there and see if you can take the conscious path to lucidity. The path on the right.
Or maybe you take the left path, into sleep.

Have you ever been awake at this crossroads?

You may think you’ve gone deeper than you really have. You may think you’ve seen deep layers of your soul, but this is the first of many crossroads. You need to get familiar with it first.

This teaching may not be for everybody. If you’re not ready for it, don’t worry about it. But some are ready, and that’s why I’m giving it.

The practice is, as you teeter on the edge of sleep, stay awake and aware. Watch dream images arise, but don’t go with them. Stay aware and know that these are dreams. These are lucid dreams because you know you are dreaming.


These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 31, Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

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The Pillar of Your Divine Vertical Connection

Remember how the Israelites in the wilderness followed the pillar of cloud by day, the pillar of fire by night?
The pillar of cloud or fire is a vertical awareness which you maintain.

Many aspects of earthly life interfere with our pillars of vertical connection. Not only distractions, desires, and fears, but also our own habits of sadness, envy, complaint, anger and such often obstruct our pillars of connection to the Divine. You might post a guard at the gate of your pillars, a guard who disallows negative behaviors, reminding you to relax and keep your vertical connection.

This is a connection you maintain through all domains, even when you leave this world. No matter what else is happening, wherever you go, you have this connection. Your love for God. Learn to keep that pillar, that connection, despite traveling to new domains.

Your life is not just this life, this incarnation. No matter what it looks like and what patterns of thought are reinforced by this world, you have to realize you are not this life. You exist beyond all of your lives. You are the spirit that fills all of them. The spirit is far greater than any and all incarnations.

When you really know this, a shift occurs. Yet your life in duality continues as before. You still have your own opinions, but you’re not attached to them. You find it easier to let go.

It’s like a lucid dream. In a regular dream you are the character, and everything feels real, it’s happening to you. But in a lucid dream you know you are dreaming. You are aware of the story without getting so involved in it. You feel less pressure or panic from your dreams.

More than anything, this becomes a knowing. Your life continues as usual, but you know Something bigger underlies everything. You have seen through the illusion of your own earth-life.

Synchronicities will happen more frequently for you. A friend tells you a story about the Tao, and in the same moment you see a yin-yang symbol on a bumper sticker – the Tao. When things like this happen, you know life is directed by Something Higher. You see how life is an illusion.


This teaching from Isaac appears in chapter 14 of volume 2, Walking the Bridge: with Balance
(Thanks to Benjamin West and Wikipedia for this image of the pillar of cloud.)
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Illusions and Opening the Subconscious

Question: I have been thinking about the veil that separates us from the Divine. It seems we can’t see through the veil because we’re so convinced that this earthly illusion is real?

Yes, you could see it that way. Consider the experience of dreaming.
When we are fully in the dream, our identity is the character in the dream, and all we see is real to us. Whatever tragedy or delight happens, it is really happening to us, because this is us. We think we are that dream-personality.

As we slowly awaken, we become more lucid. Perhaps we gain a dim awareness that this is just a dream we’re having. When we fully awaken, all traces of the dream disappear. We are awake and aware.

When we go into deep sleep, we are not consciously aware of it. We say, “I don’t know what happened, but I feel great – I must have had some deep sleep.” All of us experience these things.

Some great yogis have managed to attain and hold onto awareness while they are in each of these states – awake, dreaming, deep sleep. They consciously experience each of these states.

If we evolve to the stage of having lucid dreams (conscious that we are inside a dream), then we have a clear awareness that everything arising in the dream is just dream-stuff. We know it is illusion.

Say you have a horrible nightmare about a monster. Your monster-experience arises from the energy of a particular fear inside you. In your next nightmare, that same energy of fear returns, only it looks different. It’s a new monster, or it’s a situation that resonates with the same fear. This fear returns in a hundred dreams to come, wearing a hundred different garments, but all of it is that one fear, the energy of that fear, which has almost taken on a life of its own.

But if you gain some clarity, some lucidity on this fear, you can see the illusion in it. It is not real. You can see it is linked to something in your past.

You know, since childhood we have been separating what we like in ourselves from what we don’t like.
We put forth whatever is presentable to others. The rest of it we shove back and pretend it doesn’t belong to us.

This is how our subconscious separates from our conscious side.
We break ourselves into parts.
Our very denial of our undesirable parts makes them disappear from our view.
We call that the subconscious – below, hidden from our consciousness.

When we are awake, we exist as our conscious self. When we are asleep, we visit our subconscious self. In this way we maintain our wholeness, by giving time to both aspects of ourselves.

What happens when we don’t get our sleep? We don’t function so well. We may even go psychotic. In fact the more parts of yourself you disown, the more sleep you need, in order to keep yourself intact.

If we can bring our subconscious parts back to our consciousness, we don’t need as much sleep. We gain a natural increase in our energy, because we don’t have to spend energy in keeping ourselves pulled apart. Then we can live as a more whole person, not so separated from ourselves.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 4 of Walking the Bridge with Balance.
(Thanks to pxhere for this pic.)
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