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The Value of Equanimity Despite “Boredom”

Question: Every time I get close to the idea of equanimity, it feels so – bland. I hate to say boring, but – ?

If it looks bland, this is the perspective of standing outside the store window, looking in. It doesn’t look enticing at all. But you haven’t gone inside yet.

The waves of life are fun for us. We sail up and down. We don’t want to remove the waves. Equanimity looks very flat and boring. Our identity wants to feel those peaks and valleys.

You say, Don’t take away that peak, it’s so interesting to me. Even if the price of that peak is a deep valley later, I don’t care, because that’s later. I’ll pay that later. Put it on my tab.

When we enjoy a deep sleep, deeper than all the restlessness and dreams, we can’t define or describe it in any way, yet we know we have been there. Nothing feels so delicious as deep sleep. We can’t say anything about it. There are no memories to retell. Deep sleep is a memory-less experience of pure life. We feel so much sweetness and healing from it, that if we were conscious at the time, we would call this place “Home.” It is a place of equanimity.

Yet we call these peaks and valleys “our life.” That’s the identity we choose.

People pay good money to go on a roller coaster and get sick. Then they’ll pay for therapy to get over the dips of their life.

Meditation can integrate all facets of our life. If we cultivate our deep sleep state to coexist with our waking state, we will be filled with pure life.

But how do we get to deep sleep? What’s the first step? Yes, relaxation and letting go. Relaxation is the doorway to all of it. By relaxing you draw your dreaming state and your sleep state into your wakeful state. Some practitioners can actually do this in the waking state.

This practice is also called Faith. In order to relax enough, you must trust in Divine intelligence. Trust that you receive Divine assistance in every moment. If you don’t have that kind of faith, then you can never let down your guard. Your mindset is that you yourself have to manage everything. You think, “If I don’t do it, it won’t get done.” You can’t possibly relax. There is too much to worry about, too many plans in your head. You have become your thinking. It’s difficult to let go of your thinking.


These are Isaac’s words, excerpted from chapter 11 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance.

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