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Give Attention with the Heart and Light up the World

We know about paying attention, like paying attention to the teacher in the classroom. There’s a difference between ordinary paying attention and offering loving attention.

Feel the difference for yourself.
We offer loving attention with our heart, not our mind.
It is the ability to connect with our heart, not with our mind.
Engage in loving attention and see if you can get a stronger feel for it.

Darkness is the opposing force to light and love. Our sages tell us darkness is the force of illusion. The biggest place to find it is in this physical world of “Assiyah.” In fact they call this the world of illusion, the False World.

But keeping your flame lit dispels illusion.

It’s like in the movie house, when there’s plenty of darkness, you see and engage with the drama on the screen. You think the movie is real.
But when light arrives, it’s like the house lights are turned up, and the movie disappears. The illusions disappear.

In the place of light there are no more illusions.

Many people live with the movie, however.
They are invested in desires and fears, running after desires and hiding from fears.
This can go on for lifetimes. It does not matter.

Eventually the person will become aware that their desires and fears are illusions.
When this is revealed, it comes with the knowing that these things always were illusions.

So your good deeds light up the world and light up the fire in your heart.

However – sometimes service becomes a burden. When we have tons of work to do for others, our ordinary eyes see overwhelm in our life.

Yet the flame in your heart tells you that service is the whole reason you are here on the earth. Service and good deeds are the fuel for the fire in your heart.

There’s a story about a man in Europe who started a charity fund that grew larger and larger until it was difficult to handle all the duties of that. He didn’t know what to do. It was getting to be too much. His wife suggested that he go ask the Chofetz Chaim what to do. (Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan of the Mussar movement, died 1933.)
So the man traveled to a town in Poland at that time to see the Chofetz Chaim.
When he walked into the Rebbe’s home, the Chofetz Chaim was just finishing his supper, saying the final prayer. The prayer says “goodness and kindness chase me all the days of my life.”

Right then and there the Rebbe turned to the man and explained to him, “Your good deeds will chase you all the days of your life.” The message was to keep serving in the way he had been doing.

We should continue serving because we light up the world.
This is our purpose in being here.

This is an excerpt from Chapter 28 of Volume 5, Walking the Bridge: to Freedom and Light

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(Thanks to J3SSL33 on Flickr for this image.)

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Give Loving Attention

What do people need from you?

They need your loving attention.

What do your children want? Toys? No, they crave your loving attention. They thrive on your attention.

Even plants, if you give them loving attention, they grow bigger, they live longer.

We all need loving attention.

You might say, “I’ve come so far spiritually, I’m beyond needing attention.”

No you’re not.

We all need and want loving attention of some kind, from someone.

We all know there were times in our life when we spoke angrily. We didn’t mean for those words to come out, but they came. There are places where we know we fall short.

We all know we could do better to offer loving attention. That’s what we’re here for.

We are the feet of God.

Now we see the little barbs coming into your faces, the arrows of pain when we each recognize  our own shortcomings. That’s all right.

It is the sweetest wisdom, the moment you are shown those places where you can grow.

Haven’t we all felt that? It is the sweetest recognition there is.

So you feel that little pain, acknowledge it. But don’t go to self-criticism. Don’t judge it. See it and give thanks for being shown.


(These are Isaac’s words from Chapter 12 of  Volume 3, Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well )
(Thanks to Pixabay  for this image.)
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