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How Awareness Heals Us and the World

Isaac said –

We don’t need to fix our flaws. Awareness itself is curative. Just being aware of your own behavior, just seeing it, is often enough to correct it. When you see your blind spot, your habitual reaction and how it impacts others, you naturally want to make a better choice.

We accept our traits, positive and negative. We accept our humanity.
I contain both light and dark, giving and taking, aggression and retreat, all these opposites.

When opposites split from each other, they yearn always to get back together. They want to be held, both together. They go together, really, in this duality. You can’t have one without the other. Mountain and valley, high and low, the crest and the dip of the wave.

The positive and negative poles of a battery need each other. When you hook them up to each other, the current flows.

The Divine current is always seeking a way to flow.

Question: You say it’s enough to see our poor behavior, but isn’t forgiveness important?

Yes and no, because the very awareness heals. Underneath everything, we really don’t need to fix things. All is in right order. It is our awareness that is growing, our understanding that brings more freedom and peace.

Question: Sometimes the words of the Masters can help us into greater release?

Yes and no. The Masters can point the way, but you need to learn to release on your own. You don’t really need a teacher. There is too much reliance on teachers. The best way is to choose your growth for yourself. Learn your way.

Question: As my spiritual journey continues, I find myself sometimes forgetting the daily-life things I used to keep track of.

Yes, and this is not all Alzheimer’s. As you evolve, you naturally re-prioritize the things you’re really interested in. Your old interests don’t match up with your new interests.

Emotion causes us to remember things. If you don’t feel as much emotion with certain things, you won’t remember them like you used to do. Your priorities have changed. You will be remembering on new topics. You will remember what you really care about.

It is this increased awareness that helps us move from one level of our metaphorical building to the next level. In a way, every bit of increased awareness is more enlightenment.

This discussion with Isaac is from Chapter 58 of Volume 1, Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart.

Self Aware by Nancy White on Flickr

(Thanks to Nancy White on Flickr for this image.)

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A Surprised Swami / The Path is Your Own

Swami Rama went to learn from a sage. As soon as he met him, the sage announced Swami Rama had come too late. He wouldn’t be able to teach him, because he was due to die the next day. Sure enough, the sage died as predicted.

Swami Rama stayed on a little longer. He looked on as different religious groups came forth to claim the sage’s body and honor it with their most sacred burial.
The Christians arrived to take his body.
Just then the Moslems showed up and claimed their right to him.
The Hindus asserted that they had precedence.
Representatives of all three sects stood over his body, their argument heating up until they were shouting at each other.

Suddenly the sage woke up and said, “Enough!”

It’s a lesson to remind us no religion is greater than any other, said Isaac.
Every sect puts together their unique formula and claims it’s the best way to find the Divine. They’re eager to proselytize. They welcome you in and give you good news for your soul. Provided you follow their rules.
But the entry into most religions is a one-way door. They want to invite you in, but they don’t want to let you go out. It’s a sticky situation. They need you more than you need them, in some cases.

At the beginning of the spiritual journey, many of us need doctrine, dogma, rules to help us on our path. But eventually the path becomes less rigid.

Anybody looking for Divine connection can find it. Unlimited by dogma.
In fact all roads, no matter how winding, lead us Home.
Each of us, someday, no matter how much we get sidetracked, no matter how many wrong turns we take in how many lives, will eventually find our way back to God.

Patience. We learn patience through the eons.

Little by little we may let go of the ego.

How much can you surrender?

This is an excerpt from Chapter 23 of Walking the Bridge – With a Fearless Heart – Guidance from a Wisdom School Vol. 1 

See also Swami Rama’s Himalayan Institute . Thanks to wikimedia for his photo.
Swami Rama wikimedia