spiritual book

Inspiration and Upliftment

If you allow it, these pages may change the way you walk in the world. This material over time had a life-changing impact on those who heard it, live, from our teacher. I share these teachings with his blessings, although he does not want to be identified.

I wish I could bring to you the totality of being there, listening to and feeling the wondrous unfolding of higher vibrational energies and newfound awareness.
But this  would be impossible.
I captured only what I could, through my own filters. I am just a scribe, not really the author here.

The people in our spiritual community came from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions. Yet all were drawn to put their new roots into the rich soil of Isaac’s spiritual ground.
This soil is a combination of psychology, spirituality, meditation, Mystical Judaism, Hasidism, along with saints and sages of India and other parts of the world.