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Reflections on Daas, Elijah, and the Garden of Eden

Esoteric discussion with Isaac –

Question: Recently you did a teaching about unblocking the throat and allowing energy to flow through it. I found that so helpful. Would you review that?

The throat is the location of “Daas,” where all attributes may be united as one. This connection doesn’t happen through ordinary speech, but through spiritual speech. Singing spiritual songs opens the throat and provides this connection. Giving speeches about spirituality leads to “Daas,” as well.

Have you ever noticed, when you’re thinking about something that’s bothering you, the more you examine it and listen to yourself internally, you sink deeper into confusion? But if you speak it out loud to someone, suddenly clarity comes in. You get new insights just by speaking it out loud. This is because the aspect of “Daas” is active when you open the throat and speak aloud.
(Daas is also known as Da’at.)

Question: Does this topic have anything to do with those saints and yogis who received sweet nectar coming down at the back of the tongue?

Not directly, but we know this nectar is a real experience that has happened to those adepts. This is not for us ordinary people, but it does happen to a select few who have managed to progress to an extreme degree.

In the Torah they speak about people who lived four hundred years or six hundred years. We tend to think that’s an odd exaggeration. It can’t happen, right? But it truly did happen. They did live that long, because they had shifted from the biochemical body to the electric body. They were living from the Tree of Life, living from the Light.

And they weren’t trying to live long to avoid death. They were comfortable with death. There were other reasons for them to keep living so long.

Even now we have some people living that long, hundreds of years. They don’t want to be known, but they do exist.

Elijah transformed from a flesh body to a light body. He never died. He is still roaming from world to world, wherever he is needed. If he needs a physical body to do his job of the moment, then a physical body is instantaneously manifested for him. Our teachers speak about Elijah “hopping” from realm to realm.

Question: Please say more about the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the Tree of Knowledge?

The Tree of Knowledge represents Duality, which is the lowest realm.
The Tree of Life is Unity with God.

In the beginning Adam and Eve had bodies of light. This would be like astral bodies. Not physical bodies. They lived at the same level as the Tree of Life. They were made of Light.

The Tree of Knowledge, of Duality, was below them. When they wanted to eat from it, in effect they fell into that lower dimension. When they fell, they immediately took on physical bodies. From that point on they were in the physical realm.

Question: And what about the cherub and the two flaming swords guarding the way back to Paradise?

The swords are crossed and pointing down. When they say “flaming” – that’s only one way to interpret the Hebrew, and it’s not accurate. The translation of that word really means “inverted.” The swords are inverted upside-down. And they are revolving.

This is to teach us that we must invert ourselves, we must revolve ourselves, we must change a lot in order to return to Paradise.

We need to shift from our physical biochemical body to our light body. Shift our priorities away from this lower realm to the higher realms.

Question: And what was the fruit Adam and Eve ate?

Not an apple. On the Tree of Knowledge the fruit is “thinking.” When we indulge in thinking, categorizing, separating, we eat the fruit of Knowledge of Good and Evil – Duality.

Excerpted from chapter 26 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance.

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Suffering Creates Depth and Dissonance Offers Beauty

None of us like suffering, but sometimes our Higher Self gives it to us.
Troubles are meant to deepen us.

If you invited the small self to have some trouble, of course it says, “No how, no way.”
Yet there is a larger plan for us. The Higher Self knows what we need more than the small self knows.

What would life be, if we never had any troubles? If everything were smooth the whole time?
You know yourself, in the long run, your difficulties have actually made your life taste sweeter than it would have tasted if no problems ever arose.

It’s like in music. The song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is a nice enough melody, but you wouldn’t want to listen to it for very long, not for enjoyment on a drive. It’s good for children. It has no depth to it.

A good piece of music has some dissonance in it, some part that does not sound good in contrast to the rest of it. If you could take that chunk of dissonance and listen to it by itself, it would sound horrible. But because it is part of the composition, you get to hear conflict and resolution. This is what creates beautiful sound. It’s beautiful to us.

Conflict that moves into resolution.
It is not so beautiful without that dissonance.

Difficulty creates depth.

If you needed advice for a particular problem, would you go to a counselor who had all the degrees and book-learning, but no personal experience of that problem?
They’ve read every single book about it. They’re fully trained.
Or would you rather talk to one who has lived through the same problem themselves and has come through it?

Comment: The one who lived through it has more compassion.

That’s right, more compassion and more depth, because they have lived it themselves. Their learning comes not from books, not from information, but from Life itself. By the experience, they have truly learned it. You can’t get that from books.

We talk about the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life.
Knowledge is fine, and it is needed. But to be fueled by Life itself – this comes from a higher level. This view lets us integrate all things.

I’m not discounting our difficulties. It’s just that a higher view provides relief.

When we grieve for a loved one – when a loved one dies, they leave a hole in our heart. We miss their presence, even if we know they live on. There is a hole in our heart for their absence.

So we have periods of mourning. In the Jewish tradition we mourn the first day, then the first week, the first thirty days, and then a year. These are important stages of mourning to help us re-integrate ourselves back into life. Through these stages we gradually understand that our life has many more aspects than only this loss we are focused upon.

Let’s say you are grieving and depressed. Your friend comes by and says, “I know you’re sad and you don’t want to do anything, but come on, let’s go to a movie.” Your friends come and gently drag you around. They don’t know exactly why they are doing it. You don’t know why you are responding to it. But gradually these activities are showing you that life is so much larger than your private grief. Little by little you are returning to the bigger picture of your life.

Little by little the hole in your heart is mending.

At a time of suffering or difficulty, our teachers urge us to bless the situation from the place of receiving. In other words let yourself receive the difficulty. Breathe and allow it. Trust that it is all for the good. This approach will repair and re-integrate the trouble.

When you first experience higher consciousness, it’s like you’re traveling to it. You begin to see the rules are different in this higher place. The perspective is different. With more visits to that awareness you begin to feel, maybe I could move here. Move to a higher residence and call it home.

Then you try on those higher ways of being, those higher ways of handling your life.
It’s a process.
But you won’t get there without visiting it first. You taste it first. Usually through a meditation practice.

Most of us don’t really grow up until the last five minutes of our life.

There you are, on your way out, casting around for help. Suddenly you realize, this won’t help me, that won’t save me, no person can save me. In these moments, you look at the life you have lived, and your opinion of yourself is the only one that matters. Whatever anybody else thought of you, their opinion is nothing to you now.

You look at yourself and ask, did I make the world a little bit better? Did I help someone? Did I lift anything higher? Not that I wanted to be famous or leave my mark or my name, but did I make a difference, in some small way? Sometimes it was hard and I had to go out of my way to help my neighbor, but I did it anyway.

At the end you will ask.
Did my life matter?
If you can answer yes, then you can die in comfort.
Imagine dying in comfort.
I have seen people die in comfort. It’s a beautiful thing.

These words from Isaac are excerpted from Chapter 9 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

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Thanks to maggyona of Pixabay for this angel image.

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Drop Your Story and Shift Identity 

Question: Last week you spoke about how the ego does not exist in the present moment, and most of the time our ego has us living in past and future. We’ve heard this before, but this time it hit me in a new way. We talked about the ego shielding the Present from us. We talked about releasing the past.

I realized, with one of my thorny past memories, something I’ve had chronic complaints about – in that event my ego ran the show. I was not “present.” So I wasn’t even there! The shield was up during and after the event. I was blind to the truth. The whole story I’ve told about it was not accurate, because I was not present. When I understood this, the whole chronic story dissolved!

As it unfolded over several days this week, it felt like the curtain came down on this past act. I might revisit such stories, but it felt like the whole thing shifted to a deeper contentment about all such memories. I’m thinking I don’t have to trace or track down every single event to resolve each of them, because it feels like the curtain went down on all of them. Is that true?

Yes, said Isaac. This is what the teachers speak of as a shift in consciousness, where you no longer identify with that story. You no longer have to fight it, because your awareness has revealed it as an illusion.

Once you have seen the illusion, you no longer suffer over that story.|
You know it was an illusion.

This doesn’t mean the memory is gone, but it no longer pulls at you. You have released the emotional charge on it.

Good for you.
You’re right, you do not have to track down every event. Your perspective has changed, and the new view applies to all such events.

Comment: I experienced something similar this week, where I had a long conversation with my ego. I realized I was ready to drop a big chunk of my past story. My ego said, “If you negate this, you negate your whole life – practically everything you’ve done.” I said, “I don’t care. That’s not who I am anymore.”

Wonderful, Isaac replied.

Comment: This reminds me of what I experienced in meditation today. It is something we’ve talked about before – that the sun shines on all equally. The sun doesn’t prefer one over another. It doesn’t judge. I see that I can be like the sun and shine on all, love all equally.

Yes, Isaac said, we are speaking about Unity and Duality. We live in both realms. We walk and function in both.

As we’ve learned before, the Tree of Life belongs to the Unity view, and the Tree of Knowledge belongs to Duality.

Duality is not only about the split between good and evil. It’s about many opposites – the duality of many things. We started out in the Garden of Unity, but now we’re in a place where the sugar and salt have been dumped in together. They look the same, but they’re different. We’re in a place of sugar and salt, pleasure and pain.

Try to see this world as a river of sensations. Sensations come and go. Whether those sensations are about anger or sadness or pleasure, all sensations come and go. They flow through us. They pass by. See your sensations as they flow down a river, past you. You simply sit on the bank and observe them. Observe them without getting attached to them. Observe without getting caught in a story about why you are mad or sad or glad.

Notice that when you do attach to a story, you’re hooked. That’s when you fall right into the river and go downstream with it.

But wait, you are in meditation. You want to go back to sitting on the bank of the river. So pull yourself out. Dry yourself off. Sit there and observe your sensations as they flow downriver again.

This excerpt is from Chapter 8 of Volume 4, Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust.

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Prana is the Clean Energy Filling You Up

Words from Isaac to our meditation group:

Prana is subtle energy. For instance, when you arrive here for meditation, coming in from your car, as you enter this room you feel a force-field of sweet energy. You should be able to feel it here, in this room. It’s here because all of you have come with the intent to open and connect and meditate together. This is why we do group meditation, because the energy is stronger as a group. The prana here feels good.

Remember, the Tree of Life in you is the electrical system, the nervous system. Your network of nerves actually has the ability to feed all the cells of your body.

You also have the circulatory system, which is dualistic – red and blue, arteries and veins. This would be the Tree of Knowledge, Duality. The new blood, the old blood. Blood goes toward the heart and lungs, picking up oxygen, then flows away from the heart. Blood brings oxygen to the cells and carries away carbon dioxide. That’s a dualistic system. Blood brings food to the cells and removes waste.

Rabbi Nachman used to say the source of many diseases is turbulent blood. This turbulence arises from our anger, fear, jealousy. When the blood is turbid, it can’t be helpful to the body. You get degenerative diseases. Rabbi Nachman spoke of this hundreds of years ago, but I think science will bear it out.

The electrical system of the body, the network of nerves, also feeds the cells. Nerves go everywhere the blood vessels go. They provide electricity to the cells. This is a clean energy, no waste products. If you’re fueled by the electrical system, you have no toxins to get rid of, and you are quite healthy. Your body doesn’t age so much.

Question: So Prana is like the bloodstream for the electrical system?

Prana helps the electrical system, but its energy is subtler than that in the electrical system. Prana belongs to a more refined system of energy that feeds everything.

Think of those frogs that can live in suspended animation for a year. Many animals can live in a similar state of suspended animation for a long season. Yogis are able to diminish their metabolism, even their breath, for extended periods of time. In this state they are living on prana.

In every spiritual tradition, you find adepts who required little food. For instance, in our tradition, people would always serve up a big spread of the finest food to serve their rebbe (teacher). They would set it all before him. A certain holy rebbe used to look at the array of food through his half-shut eyes until he found a very small portion to cut for himself. He would leave the rest for his students. When they asked why he took such a small bite of food as his portion, he replied that this was the part that belonged to him, energetically.

This excerpt is from chapter 26 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance.

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Choose the Tree of Life This Moment Now

To find the way to happiness, we need to go back to the Garden of Eden. What were the names of the two trees in the Garden?

That’s right, the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

What happened to Adam and Eve? They had a beautiful place. They had the Tree of Life to eat from. They could have lived there forever, immortal.

What happened?
They ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Right after that, what did they know?

They were naked. Nakedness was not important until that moment. They judged themselves as naked, judged themselves as less than they were a moment before. They thought they were flawed, not worthy. Separated from God. They entered the mindset of duality, of good and bad. They felt bad.

God covered them with skins, says the Torah. Scholars read that line as “flesh” – He gave them physical bodies. He covered them with skins or bodies and banished them from Paradise, which was now guarded by flaming swords.

So we had a chance at Paradise forever, and what did we trade for that? Clothes. We traded Life for clothes. We’re still attached to clothes and status. If we have only one set of clothes we always keep them on, even if they’re rags. Most of us have extra clothes and want even more clothes. We don’t want to be seen in the same outfit two days in a row. It’s no accident that our closets are so huge. We need more space to handle all these clothes.

Clothes represent our limitations in this dense material world.
Our basic layer of clothing is the physical body.

The body is only clothing. It’s not who we really are. Someday we’ll take it off and be refreshed in our true self.

As we live in this body, we see only a little and hear a little of our true reality, of Who we really are. If we could see and hear things beyond this world, we wouldn’t stay in this world.

Sages say that the more layers of clothes we wear, the further we are from God. We build up our false identity, our earthly trappings. Our “clothes” are of our own making. I have all my books and my degrees, my important career. I know more than anybody else.

We have our ways of saying that we know everything already. We have it all under control, or so we think.

How do you look at someone through the Tree of Knowledge? It’s all about how you define yourself and them, who’s more important, who’s better according to your yardstick. It’s a way to separate and categorize. It’s a way to bring yourself higher, in your mind.
It’s judgment. It’s good and evil.

How do you look at someone through the Tree of Life?
Well, you’re alive and I’m alive. Life fills us from the same Source.
We’re alive! It’s amazing.
This is Life. It’s simple.
I have no judgments about you or me.
No comparison, no competition, just – here we are.
Alive, warm, spacious in this Present Moment, where nothing is wrong.

When you hear young children laughing, they’re in the Garden — they haven’t left it yet. They’re eating from the Tree of Life.

We’re adults, using the Tree of Knowledge. We think we know how it all works. But we don’t.
We tend to feel we are the best. Nobody’s as lucky as we are. We’re smarter, wiser. We have the best answers, we think. That makes us feel good. But it separates us from others.

Eat from the Tree of Life instead, and let Life pour in.

This book excerpt is from chapter 7 of Volume 2, Walking the Bridge – With Balance. (Thanks to pixabay for this fractal tree image.)
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