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Relax and Be Home in the Heart of Binah

Binah is the Mother who is calling us home, just like Mom would call you home to dinner.
Return to the Place where we are One.

This is the Place we live in with our hearts, not our minds.
The mind is all about limitation and definition.

We think we know who we are with our mind. Our mind holds onto certain stories about us. Out of these stories we define who we are in the world. I construct myself out of my stories.

The older we get, the more we are restricted by ever more stories about ourselves.
But the stories are not really Who we Are.

When astronauts look back and see the earth, they see seamless continents and oceans. But on our globes and maps we have lines dividing countries from each other. The mind does that. It sets up limitations. It contains. It compares. Meanwhile the earth itself lives without lines, without borders. That is the Reality. The borders are constructed by the mind only.

Binah calls us to return to our hearts.

The heart has its own awareness, deeper than the mind.

When you put your attention fully into your heart, you find it is without limits.

In a room full of friends, as you place yourself into your heart, you automatically connect with everybody. You love everybody, and you know they love you. It is possible to settle into this awareness so deeply that you recognize, at the heart level, you are everybody.

All are you, only you, so you are here alone. Alone but not lonely.

Alone in this sea of love in the heart.

There is nothing to prove or to define. You are already “there.”

You are immersed, and all of it is You.

There are no borders or boundaries to You.

Now when you go to the heart in this way, it doesn’t stop the mind from chattering. The mind still talks, but you can relegate it to the background, as if somebody in the house left a radio on. You don’t have to go there and find out what the radio is saying.

You just let it be, and you stay in the heart.
The mind-radio is just a bit of background noise, nothing to worry about. Pay no attention to it.

How do you know you are moving into this heart-space?
You will find you have increasing energy. Simply more energy to do whatever you need to do. Less energy is spent, so you have more of it.

People ask, doesn’t it come with spiritual powers?
Well, why would you need powers? This is full contentment and nothing to do, nothing pressing. There’s nobody to impress. There’s no reason to have powers.

You’re already there.

You’re in contentment.

These words are from Isaac, in Chapter 30 of Volume 4, Walking The Bridge: With Courage And Trust.

Heart leaf Flickr
(Thanks to Flickr for this heart leaf.)