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When Does God Wink at You and show Strong Love and Caring for You?

I’m driving along by myself, praying out loud like I often do, just having another chat with God and my angels and guides.
“Please help me drop all this old baggage. I so feel like it’s time. It’s overdue. I keep seeing these recurring themes and all this crap that I still hold onto. These old resentments and regrets. Please, please, help me really, truly drop the baggage. I don’t need it anymore. I don’t want it anymore. Please help it dissolve. Please lift it away. Let all the heavy emotional charges disappear from my mind and heart.”
Next thing, I pull up behind a license plate that says, NOBAGS.
Now I’m laughing out loud with gratitude and wonder.

I’ll bet you’ve received messages on license plates, too?
Do tell! I would love to read your comments.

It can’t be “just our imagination,” because so often the message is exactly to the point.

For something a little crazier:

Some years ago, one night after an extremely harrowing shift of working intensive care, I drove home wasted, shell shocked from that battlefield.
But I was singing along to some of my favorite music, to feed my soul. I was thinking how my shift went haywire in so many ways, and yet I knew God was helping me through that day. Still, the perfectionist part of me wanted to apologize for everything that went wrong, even though it wasn’t my fault.
I sang along with David Newman and Friends’ song, You Can Count On Me, the line, “should the stars fall from the sky, I’ll be the One to come to your side.”
Simultaneous with those words, a falling star streaked cross the dark sky in front of me.
Absolute awe and wonder.
Tears of the deepest happiness and trust in the universe.

Fast forward to this season now.
We have been through a lot in the past few years. A lot of isolation, a lot of bewilderment, and a lot of soul searching.
In my world, fewer and fewer people want to read a blog anymore, and I ask myself if I should even bother anymore.

But then – wouldn’t you know it – after a Chinese lunch, I received the most remarkable fortune cookie wisdom. The message was so personalized, so obviously intended for my eyes.
It was the line about how the whole world is a narrow bridge.
That line is embodied in our book series title, Walking The Bridge.
Somebody in that fortune cookie factory had taken Rabbi Nachman’s words and dropped them onto that tiny paper. (No credit given, but that don’t matter.)

“The whole world is a narrow bridge, and the main thing is to have no fear” (‘to not make yourself afraid,’ in some translations). – Nachman of Breslov

I got the message loud and clear: carry on – don’t quit. We’re in your corner. Remember, you’re on a narrow bridge, so relax, have faith and trust. No fear.
Don’t give up.

Dear Reader, tell us please, when does God wink at you and show strong love and caring for you?
We would totally love to hear your story.

Sending Hugs –

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