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  1. Hi Everybody!
    This Volume 4 is dedicated to our friend Shalom, who actually was the driving force behind this whole project. Years ago he said, “Diane, this is vital, you must put your notes into a book.” He kept bugging me about it. “The world needs this, and you’re the one to do it,” he urged.
    At the time I told him, “Look, they’re just notes – besides, I’m not a Torah scholar – you are. What if you take the notes and improve them? You could make them deeper.”
    For a few years the ball was in Shalom’s court – I sent all the files to him and wished him well. (But life was busy in Jerusalem, it seems.)
    Toward the end of 2016 I suddenly felt compelled to pick up this project, to send more light into the world somehow. I’m glad I did. The project has fed me spiritually all the way.

    I’d like to share the generous review Shalom posted regarding Volume 1:
    “Walking the Bridge” is a gem of a book. It is a collection of teachings from her spiritual master. This is not a book to be read in the usual way, from cover to cover. Each section is a teaching on one or two topics concerning the spiritual life, and practice. Her teacher, a learned rabbi who is as well versed in eastern practices as well as the Kabbalah brings deep teachings in a simple clear manner. The author has captured the spirit and energy not only of the teachings, but of her teacher as well. This book is not just information, but brings to the reader the spiritual energy of the teaching, allowing the reader to absorb the fullness of the teachings. Each chapter is to be read, felt, and absorbed – to be used as starting points for one’s own contemplation. The book talks directly to where each person is on his/her own spiritual journey. A highly useful and inspiring book.

    Ever Grateful to you, Shalom –


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