Home: A Way of Being

If you allow it, these pages may change the way you walk in the world.
This material had a life-changing impact on those who heard it live, from our teacher, whom we’ll call Isaac. (Click here for BLOG POSTS)
I share these teachings with his blessings, although he does not want to be identified.

I wish I could bring to you the totality of being there, listening to and feeling the wonderous unfolding of higher vibrational energies and newfound awareness. But this  would be impossible.
I captured only what I could, through my own filters. I am just a scribe, not really the author here.

The people in our spiritual community came from a wide variety of backgrounds and traditions. Yet all were drawn to the rich soil of Isaac’s spiritual ground. His was a combination of psychology, spirituality, meditation, Mystical Judaism, Hasidism, along with saints and sages of India and other parts of the world.
Somehow he brought it in a personal way to each of us, urging us to take it out of the box and try it for ourselves.

It is not about the words.
It is an expanded view of reality.
It is a new way of being, if you choose it.



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