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Divine Grace Light Shower Upon Us

Isaac opened our morning with his amazing sweet new song that tasted like awe. After meditation he gave us a teaching about these lyrics.

Arut perum jyoti tani perum Karunai.
Divine Grace Light shower upon us.
Or zarua la Tzaddik uleyishrey lev simcha.
Light is sown for the saintly, and joy for the pure in heart.

Isaac said the first line is from the mantra of Ramalinga Swami who lived in the 1800’s in Southern India. Ramalinga Swami wanted to do away with the caste system. He preached no rules and no steps to follow, only simply to connect with the Divine Light, as light.

He spent his life praising the Light and feeding the poor.
His main teaching was just to be harmless. To do no harm to anything.

Light filled Ramalinga so much that his body gradually became light. First came the golden body, at which time he glowed with golden light. As the light in him increased, he wrote a poem of forty thousand verses telling how he became more and more light. Eventually even his physical organs stopped working. His heart no longer beat, his blood didn’t flow, his lungs didn’t breathe. And yet he lived.

His body cast no shadow. He was careful to cover his head and entire body with clothing, as he did not want to frighten his people.

Ultimately, he became nothing but astral light.

He didn’t die as we would in a body. Instead he told his devotees he would be leaving, and they should lock the door of his room. While they were chanting outside his door, they saw a flash of violet light. Then his room was empty. He had dissolved into the very Light of the Universe.

The third line of this verse, in Hebrew, is from King David’s psalms (97:11). It translates as: Light is sown by the tzaddik, the upright heart is blessed with joy. This says Light is sown everywhere the tzaddik goes, the same way a farmer sows seed. And we enjoy the fruit of that seed in our joy.

This new song brings together similar messages of Light. It brings West to East, and past to present. With our singing we bring West, East, past, present, right into this Present Moment.

Each of us gravitates to one of these four phrases, and we sing them together.
(Our hearts expanded as we sang it again. Such deep Peace!)

This Isaac teaching is excerpted from Chapter 33 of Volume 3,  Walking The Bridge: The Art of All-Is-Well

Ramalinga Swami
Ramalinga Swami, a.k.a. Vallalar


2 thoughts on “Divine Grace Light Shower Upon Us”

  1. Diane,

    I’ve been listening to old tapes of Michael’s teachings, but not hearing this song, of course, as it had not been written yet. It came back in a flash and I realized how much I’m missing it. It truly did open our hearts. Still does. You asked earlier if anyone had divine experiences to share. Can’t remember if I ever told you my youthful adventure. When I was 18 or 19 I was hiking with 3 people on Mount Rainier in spring. There was very little snow left and the ground was still frozen. I slipped and I couldn’t get my ice axe to dig into the ground. I took a serious tumble, bouncing head first to feet first, on my back and front. “Luckily” I had been given a soft backpack with a few jackets in it, so only my lower back and rear end were bruised inches deep. Anyway, on the way down I silently asked God if I was going to die. A beautiful male voice in my head said, “no, you will not die.” The calm tone relaxed me enough that I could look around and grab a small tree as I flew by. It flung me to the edge of a cliff where I stopped. Passed out. Came to as I was being carried down to the car, bloody and bruised, but no broken bones or broken back, only teeth damage. I can still hear that voice with such gratitude today!

    Lots of smaller, more recent things, especially at silent retreats that I have mentioned in part anyway. Several years ago when Lou had a partial hip replacement when he broke his leg, I saw a white hearse on two different trips to the hospital. Turns out Lou died twice, once during the operation and once in recovery. He was intubated and brought back. On oxigen for several days. I don’t recall seeing a hearse prior to and definitely not after these times. I thought that was a strange coincidence.



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